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healing properties of BM on skin.

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valentinemum10 Sun 24-Jul-11 01:16:25

i keep a little bottle of BM for me.been using ut as a toner /cleanser on my face (an experiment) as my skin has become so erratic,sensitive,spotty,dry,greasy,hormones?i guess.
Anyway ive noticed that a few swipes of cold BM on my skin really cleans it and made it my ckin much smoother over the week.
Anyone else think it useful like this?i know it seems wierd.

EauRouge Sun 24-Jul-11 10:47:49

Funny you should say that grin I had an eye infection last week so I squirted some BM in my eye (cleared it up a treat). Anyway, my aim is crap so it went all over my face as well and my skin was really soft the next day. It shouldn't be weird really, it's probably a damn sight better for your skin than most moisturisers that are packed full of chemicals and alcohol.

Mydelilah Sun 24-Jul-11 11:12:14

Both my DCs had excema from very young (2-3wks old) and my doctor advised I should apply BM - seemed to take the redness away a bit. Also applied to DC 2's eye when he was born as one of his tear ducts was blocked and his eye was red and sore looking. No idea if it really helped but liked using something natural rather than medicated creams and at least felt like I was doing something to help him!

SnarkHunt Mon 25-Jul-11 15:33:25

I've been using it for nappy rash - someone suggested it and I'd tried all sorts of the usual creams with no luck. It works! It's a bit like live yoghurt I suppose, works as an antibiotic, antifungal etc.

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