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New study appears to show that EBF for 6M+ = lower asthma rate

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organiccarrotcake Sat 23-Jul-11 09:09:44 (summary) (study)

Although we already knew the link between EBF and lower asthma rates, this one seems to strengthen the link and also to encourage the idea of avoiding the introduction of solids or anything other than breastmilk before at least 6 months.

I haven't had a chance to read the study yet and I'm running out to a training course this morning, so thought I'd throw this up for the other PS/MSs and our resident BFC to take a look through and see what you think.

vintageteacups Sat 23-Jul-11 12:33:18

Didn't work for my dd. I Bf for 18 months and she has asthma.

vintageteacups Sat 23-Jul-11 12:35:31

I wonder whether it's more likely that mothers who breast feed for an extended period are more likely to be 'green' types who don't like using unethical cleaning products, thus reducing asthma.

Obviously, this is only an idea, not backed up by research.

Anyway - bf for as long as possible (if you can/want to) is great for the baby and mummy so doesn't really matter that what research says because everyone knows that human milk is going to be better for the baby if possible.

estya Sat 23-Jul-11 12:54:38

I think there have also been studies that say asthma is linked to the absence of some micro-organisms and a general improvement of hygiene in developed countries. I saw a tv program about why asthma was increasing in cities in africa.

So perhaps we should say that breast feeding mothers tend to have lower standards of cleanliness wink. Certainly in the case around here.

organiccarrotcake Sat 23-Jul-11 17:08:12

vintage in properly done studies they take out confounding variables, so that as far as possible the thing they're studying (in this case, BFing), is the reason for the outcome (in this case, reduced asthma risk).

Note - reduced, not removed smile

What is interesting is that studies like this aren't splashed across the newspapers, unlike the infamous "is breastfeeding to 6 months really best" story (which wasn't even research). sigh.

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Sat 23-Jul-11 21:05:07

vintage...thank goodness you did bf then or it might have been worse. And you are so right about human milk. smile

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