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Baby Whisperer - a question about breastfeeding

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HandMini Fri 22-Jul-11 15:01:53

I have read the Secrets of the Baby Whisperer and generally thought it made a lot of sense, but one thing that I don't think is explained is the advice to feed from only one breast at each feed. Lots of other advice I have heard/read is to offer both breasts at each feed. Does anyone know why the Baby Whisperer advises differently - I can't find any reasoning in the book. Thanks in advance.

IceCreamCastles Fri 22-Jul-11 15:04:08

Because the baby whisperer knows * nothing * about breastfeeding.
Ignore her advice on it completely-it's dangerous quite frankly.

FruitSaladIsNotPudding Fri 22-Jul-11 15:06:22

Agreed. The baby whisperer has some good points, but the stuff on breastfeeding is dreadful. This is excellent for advice

NewYorkBellini Fri 22-Jul-11 15:06:25

Oooh, i didn't know you were supposed to offer both breasts blush Haven't read the BW. dd just seems really milk drunk after one boob so don't offer her any more. she putting weight on ok.

<watches with interest>

NewYorkBellini Fri 22-Jul-11 15:07:02

it's dangerous to only offer one boob? hmm really?

FruitSaladIsNotPudding Fri 22-Jul-11 15:08:59

It's definitely a good idea to offer both, to make sure your baby is full, and to keep up supply. If they don't want it, then that's fine too. As I understand it.

SleepySuzy Fri 22-Jul-11 15:09:15

I don't know about baby whisperer but it's not dangerous to only offer one boob. How can it be?

TimeWasting Fri 22-Jul-11 15:10:30

No, the Baby Whisperers advice is dangerous. I couldn't trust anything she said on any subject when I'd seen her breastfeeding advice.

Some babies are fine with just one side NewYork, but my DS for instance would have starved.

FruitSaladIsNotPudding Fri 22-Jul-11 15:10:53

I think the poster above meant that the advice in the baby whisperer in dangerous in general, rather than feeding from one boob being dangerous!

SleepySuzy Fri 22-Jul-11 15:13:03

Ah. I often feed from one boob now but it's just the way DD feeds. I used to feed from one, then if she emptied it, swap to the other at the same feed until she was full.

PIMSoclock Fri 22-Jul-11 15:13:47

Genuinely interested...
What parts of her advice are dangerous
I know that she died, so is it outdated stuff or actually proper danger to babies??

NewYorkBellini Fri 22-Jul-11 15:13:48

see, when dd was newborn she was very refluxy and so one boob was usually ok but if she took any more she'd puke it all up.

blimey, she's 6 months now and i'm desperate to stop which is probably no bad thing if i'm doing it wrong sad

she's just fed off one boob and fallen asleep. i'll offer her the other and see if she wants it.

<bad mum emoticon>

NewYorkBellini Fri 22-Jul-11 15:15:26

she really doesn't seem bothered so i assume she's full?

ohanotherone Fri 22-Jul-11 15:16:52

The baby whisperer has poor breastfeeding advice. The copy that I had said that you may as well bottle feed if you are thinking about going back to work which is ridiculous. Kellymom has good advice about breastfeeding.

PIMSoclock Fri 22-Jul-11 15:18:17

NYB both my dc only ever fed from one side at a time. They are both fine. If it's working for you, PLEASE don't be upset. It's fine and you are certainly NOT a bad mother x

PIMSoclock Fri 22-Jul-11 15:19:15

Sorry, I was looking for the advice deemed 'dangerous'

IceCreamCastles Fri 22-Jul-11 15:19:22

Sorry, bit rushed there- of course it's fine to just offer one boob once you're established and that's what your baby is happy with but the baby whisperer's advice is to just offer one side 3 hourly from day 3.

This really isn't enough for the vast majority of newborns and sets new mothers up to fail as they think they're doing it wrong when their baby wants to feed more often. Also no good for supply

Fat far better to feed young babies entirely on demand

IceCreamCastles Fri 22-Jul-11 15:22:42

Nyb- truly sorry if I've upset you- please don't change what's working for you!

PIMSoclock Fri 22-Jul-11 15:24:12

ICC thanks for that. I hope had she been alive today still that she would have amended that.
She was a lovely lady who would be horrified at the thought of causing distress or harm to any child

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Fri 22-Jul-11 15:38:37

My heart sank when i saw this thread title. I'm glad others have got here to point out that her bf advice is terrible.

NewYorkBellini Fri 22-Jul-11 15:51:03

no problem IcecreamCastles smile just thought i'd being doing it completely wrong for the last 6 months. she's just stopped sleeping through so maybe i'll just keep offering both boobs in case it's hunger. she's just playing with proper food at the mo, not really eating it!

cockle84 Fri 22-Jul-11 15:57:37

It was explained to me to feed from one side and empty to ensure they get the good stuff then swap to the other side to give them a little drink (like adults would often have water after a meal). Then ensure you start from the side you finished on. Was doing this but more recently my little one is less interested in swapping and just snacks.

homeaway Fri 22-Jul-11 15:58:34

If you offer the same breast as she last fed on first to make sure that she gets all the hind milk and then move her to the other side. The first milk that the breast produces is the thirst quenching milk and then comes the hind milk which is the really rich stuff. She might not be getting enough of the hind milk or she could just be upping your production smile

RitaMorgan Fri 22-Jul-11 16:00:24

There's nothing wrong with a baby feeding off one side per feed, it's just not a good idea to limit a baby to one side. Feed from the first side, when baby comes off offer the other - if they don't want/need it then fine.

Deliberately limiting a baby to one side can be a tactic for reducing supply though.

RitaMorgan Fri 22-Jul-11 16:02:09

The important thing, as always, is just to follow what your baby wants smile

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