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When will my milk run out?

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itsnotpossibleisit Thu 21-Jul-11 18:46:05

DD is 23.5 months old and I stopped breastfeeding her on the 24 of May 2011 due to second round of mastitis. I made a big mistake or maybe not so big 10 days after stopping I breastfed her again. Ever since I have been breastfeeding her every now and then. She went camping with her dad for 10 days in July and I thought that that would be the end. When she came back from her holidays the first thing she asked was for breastmilk and I latched her on thinking that I would not have anything at all and big suprise I still had and when I asked her if there was anything left she had this big smile in her face and said YES. So we are back to breastfeeding her every now and then. I am not sure how much milk I have. I would have thought that I would not have any at this stage but I can still hand express and milk comes flying.

Any ideas when my milk will finish? I was hoping to use it as an excuse to stop but even when she came back from holidays after 10 days I still had. When will it end? Does it matter if I am not breastfeeding her every day? Will it stop? Or even if I breastfeed her every other day my body will still produce it? How long do I need to be without breastfeeding her to make it stop? I never imagine I would be breastfeeding her for this long and in a way when I stoppped in May I was very happy. I loved breastfeeding her and I guess I still do but in a way I have had enough and I do not want to get harsh with her regarding this matter as there has been a lot of changes in her life recently.

Thanks in advance

MigGril Thu 21-Jul-11 19:14:28

Once you have a well estabilihed supply you can carry on lactating indeffantly.

Off course BM is produced on a supply and demand baises, the more she feed the more you will produce. It you look into natrual weaning you'll find this is how it happen's, toddlers don't just stop feeding they feed infequently some time's with week's between feed's. You'll produce milk when she feed's.

It will dry up eventually but I had a friend who was still producing milk 12months after stopping altogether. For interest if you've had a baby and for some reasion wanted to lactate again all you need to do to is to estabilbish a pumping schedual and you will produce milk again.

MigGril Thu 21-Jul-11 19:16:01

By the way for further referances if you have mastitis it's best not to stop feeding as it could make it worse. Feeding help's to clear any blockage.

itsnotpossibleisit Fri 22-Jul-11 17:05:17

Thanks MigGril, so I will carry on having milk for a whille. I think I will carry on breastfeeding her whenever she wants and see what happens.

Thanks again

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