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AIBU to feel a bit upset about this?

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Ba8y1 Thu 21-Jul-11 16:33:00

or maybe I'm just being oversensitive?

Rang the coach company with whom I will be undertaking my >1hr commute (each way) to work when i go back. I will be commuting with DS who will then be 6mo old. I wanted to know what the rules were re carseats/seatbelts as I would like to breastfeed him on the way in the morning.

Told he doesn't need to be in carseat and on asking was told that breastfeeding 'may make other passengers feel uncomfortable so I should try and do it discreetly, as I'm sure you already do....'

To be fair the lad I spoke to sounded quite young and fairly new and he didn't know the answer so this response was from whoever he checked with

I didn't really know what to say so just agreed and laughed (slightly manically) - the thing is I find it really difficult to feed discreetly - DS is a menace who rips off anything over his head and generally scrabbles around, pulling on and off, for most of his feed - thankfully it only takes him 5-10 mins to get a full feed these days!

Now already feeling like I should be embarrassed about wanting to do this on the coach...blush and I've just got over worrying about flashing in cafes...sad

Am I just being oversensitive? Should I not be wanting to feed on the coach? confused

organiccarrotcake Thu 21-Jul-11 16:37:16

I would be bloody furious and would have told him so.

As you say, young lad, not knowing what to say. If it were me I'd write them a polite letter, but there you go.

Don't forget you're protected by law - they have to offer you the same level of service as anyone else which means that in the very, very unlikely event that you do get a problem on the coach from a passenger, the coach company needs to ensure that you are looked after. For your own comfort, you may wish to advise them of this.

FWIW I know many, many BFing women who would BF on a coach with alacrity.

ChunkyPickle Thu 21-Jul-11 16:38:08

Just ignore it.

You're allowed to feed anywhere (by law), and it's not like you'd be flopping them out and waggling them at the other passengers anyhow.

Besides, unless they're sat in the same row, how would they even be able to see?

You want to feed on the coach, the other commuters want you to feed on the coach if they think about it too - otherwise you'll have a grumpy baby and noone wants that.

Ba8y1 Thu 21-Jul-11 17:00:03

Thanks! Sorry to post and run, the little screaming banshee awoke!!

I hoped I wasn't just being oversensitive - I love breastfeeding, but did for a bit find it tricky and embarrassing to manage in public - until I decided that with DS I couldn't be that discreet and I didn't actually care - have only ever had positive reactions to date anyway!

organiccarrotcake - did think I should perhaps write a letter, but being the queen of procrastination at the mo I expect it will remain on the to do list for ever!

Will vent on DH when he gets home and then think no more about it!! Thanks smile

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Thu 21-Jul-11 18:21:59

I would point out that a crying baby is far from discreet and would undoubtably make other passengers feel uncomfortable.

EauRouge Thu 21-Jul-11 18:31:33

I'll write a letter if you want grin Or you could just email them a link to this thread.

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