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Help - flying with a FF baby!!

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YogaMummy2B Wed 20-Jul-11 23:54:02

I'm flying this Fri & it has just dawned on me that I'll prob need to feed my baby airside before I get on the flight going out & coming back. How on earth do I do this if I can't take liquid through security?
I'm stressed enough about travelling with a 4 M.O & making sure bottles are sterile for the day etc, & now I'm panicked I'll not be able to feed her.
Anyone done this can advise?
BTW tried the sterile bottles the other day and she HATED them & screamed the place down. Was going to wash and sterilise our regular bottles and then seal them in separate food bags so I could use one at a time. Had planned on giving her SMA cartons but occurred to me I'll not be allowed them through!
Any suggestions?

RockStockAndTwoOpenBottles Thu 21-Jul-11 00:10:11

I have flown at least once monthly since DD3 was 2m, FF her from about 4m. I took 5 sterilised bottles filled with the right amount of water and the powder mix prepped in the avent powder dispenser. They will ask you to try one or two of the bottles. Discard the water from one once you're through security (although I didn't myself as she was already happily putting anything and everything in her mouth, so I'd near enough quit the sterlising by then...) and then make up the other one to give her.

If you're flying from Gatwick there are Boots airside which sell the ready made up ones - SMA, C&G and Aptimil (you can ring ahead and ask them to put some aside for you if you're worried they might not have any....) and just take sterilised bottles with you to use.

RitaMorgan Thu 21-Jul-11 07:29:46

Which airport is it? Lots have a Boots you could buy cartons from.

I think you are allowed to take baby milk through security but you might have to taste it. I would use carton milk as it is already pasteurised and you won't have to worry about making it up with hot water and storing it cool - pour it into a clean bottle just before going through secu

fraktious Thu 21-Jul-11 07:38:05

It depends on the security people. Some will make you open and taste a carton (I would then pour into a new bottle and feed that airside). Others will accept that a sealed carton of baby milk is okay and won't ask you to taste.

I'd also do as rock suggests and ask Boots to put some aside for you.

kittypb Thu 21-Jul-11 07:46:19

I fly quite frequently with dd (now 22 mths). You are allowed to take milk/formula sufficient for your journey in addition to your hand luggage liquids. Take a look on the airport's website just to confirm. I used to take a couple of the Aptamil cartons (you are almost always asked to taste one of them at security so have a bottle ready to put it into once it is open!). It's handy to handy to have them in a separate bag as they'll ned to be xrayed separately. I'd advise taking more than you think you'll need - powdered formula in a plastic tub so you can add bottled water if needed is handy - as on more than one occasion I've had a lengthy delay.

Finally, I find it best to feed dd as the plane is taking off (and landing if poss) as it really helps avoid her ears from hurting. Failing that, a dummy or sthg to suck on is a v good idea at take off.

Bon Voyage, I hope the trip goes well!smile

YogaMummy2B Thu 21-Jul-11 07:50:42

Thanks ladies, have just phoned Boots and they are saving some for me on outward journey. Just need to contact Boots in Bristol airport for journey home. Thank goodness it isn't a long haul flight or an flight from a foreign country where Boots doesn't exist! What to do then? Travel kettle in hand luggage and bottled water was my radical thinking?

RockStockAndTwoOpenBottles Thu 21-Jul-11 11:45:25

YogaMummy well, I live in Spain and we manage grin wink.

Though I am never failed to be surprised at people who arrive with an enormous batch of nappies/milk powder/bottles/teats/baby food etc for a two week holiday here. I have to say I am always a bit hmm and confused wondering how they think all these forrin people manage with babies....

But for future travelling, just take formula tins with you for when you're there - unless you're trekking in Outer Mongolia, I'm pretty sure you'll get a kettle any old where..!

YogaMummy2B Thu 21-Jul-11 13:35:13

Rock I meant in the airport at a foreign destination on airside, not actually in the country itself!!
I had an image of myself trying to find a plug socket to pop my travel kettle into in the terminal building. Since I have never travelled with her before it is all a learning curve. Heading to Portugal at the end of the summer & had not planned to pack nappies etc for the week, just get when I'm there. Unless you think her bottom won't react well to those foreign ones?!!! grin
Cheers all for the tips.

wigglesrock Thu 21-Jul-11 14:22:01

I have just flown (last month) with a 4 month old formula fed baby. I used Boots airside on way over, and made up bottles for the way home, wasn't asked to taste them. Our WH Smith also sold SMA ready made cartons airside. By the way I'd bring your own swim nappies,if you use them, I found them really expensive in both Spain and Portugal.

heidipi Thu 21-Jul-11 21:40:25

We went to Portugal and I also ordered ready made cartons in Boots at the airport on the way out, which was v easy, though of course there was tons in the store anyway.

To come back I tried to buy some extra cartons before we got to the airport but couldn't find any - I had enough but wanted a couple extra in case of delays. I showed the cartons but it was no problem at security and there was actually a sign up about 'medicine and special food' being allowed through.

My DD also hated the steri-bottles and refused them, I hadn't thought to try them beforehand as she's had lots of different kinds of bottles with no problem. In the end I used a clean but not sterilised bottle (it had only had cooled boiled water in but I came over all PFB at the time. She was fine of course.)

RockStockAndTwoOpenBottles Thu 21-Jul-11 21:45:22

I'd definitely agree to bring your own swim nappies - Wiggles is right, they're stupidly priced here in Spain. But Huggies are Huggies, and Pampers are called Dodot in Spain and Portugal.

Seriously Yoga people bring suitcases full of baby stuff and have actually said to me that they didn't think they would have such advanced stuff here shock. If you're in Spain/Portugal you can buy a 2ltr carton of a great 'baby' milk called 'Crecimiento' which is handy to have in the fridge as and when. Unless you find an English supermarket (have a look online for Iceland Overseas, there may be one near where you're going in Portugal) you will have trouble finding ready made formulas that you might be used to - C&G, SMA etc. Aptimil and C&G powders are readily available - but read them carefully as the packaging is in different colours to the ones in the UK (for Aptimil).

Certainly in Spain and the airports I have travelled through here with DD3 over the past couple of years, they can't do enough to help anyone with babies, any of the cafés airside will do boiled (fresh) water etc for you. I have done, can and still do, take unlimited liquids through with me at this end - common sense prevails here when you have a small child with you, unlike the bunfight I have at Gatwick (mostly North to be fair, the staff at the South are SO much more helpful).

Another tip for you for your Portugal trip - get some Fenistil gel when you arrive from the chemist - it is fantastic for mosquito bites and perfectly suitable for babies from about 3m.

YogaMummy2B Thu 21-Jul-11 21:59:31

Oh ladies, thanks so much, feel a little more easy about travelling now. Although looks like my periods have started up again just in time for the trip, so another thing to contend with!!
Rock you are a handy person to know for tips & advice - thanks.
Wish me luck, DD is also having a growth spurt, so awake in the night to eat & grumpier during the day from less sleep!
Oh boy!

YogaMummy2B Thu 21-Jul-11 22:00:36

Ps. Very jealous of living in Spain!

RockStockAndTwoOpenBottles Thu 21-Jul-11 22:20:16

Yoga my pleasure. It's really not something you need to worry about - if you stress, she'll stress and you'll have a crap time. Chill - they're way more robust that we give them credit for! If you have any other questions, just PM me and I'll try to help. Have a wonderful trip (within the UK and to Portugal), and hope DD grows in the next two days then slows for a bit....!

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