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How's this for discreet breastfeeding

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StealthPolarBear Tue 19-Jul-11 23:09:15

Tonight DD decided to wear sunglasses while she had her bedtime feed. So it was very discreet - no one could tell it was her grin

SleepySuzy Tue 19-Jul-11 23:09:59

Fab! Wish mine had some!

5GoMadOnAZ650 Tue 19-Jul-11 23:10:26

That is so cute! Tomorrow will she go for a long trench coat and trilby for full on incognito feeding? smile

AnyFuleKno Tue 19-Jul-11 23:11:06

Next time add a beard and hat for total discretion grin

iMemoo Tue 19-Jul-11 23:11:10

Ah clever dd

StealthPolarBear Tue 19-Jul-11 23:13:26

oh yes a false moustache! Might be tickly though

organiccarrotcake Tue 19-Jul-11 23:15:00

PMSL grin

StealthPolarBear Tue 19-Jul-11 23:15:42

I might take a picture and send it to the ABM, keep a lookout for us on the front cover of the April 1st edition smile

organiccarrotcake Tue 19-Jul-11 23:16:42

ooh do that SPB smile

organiccarrotcake Tue 19-Jul-11 23:17:14

Stealthybearcub grin

StealthPolarBear Tue 19-Jul-11 23:18:00

lol yes she's just taking after me!

TheSnickeringFox Tue 19-Jul-11 23:26:19

Ooh, my ds fed with groovy handlebar moustache and bushy eyebrows the other day. He was in disguise. There is a pic of him in said disguise (unfortunately not bf'ing) on my profile.

Very discreet. Has the word gone round to all babies about how important discretion is, do you think? I'm glad to hear so many of them are taking it seriously grin

Beveridge Tue 19-Jul-11 23:43:25

I have a great picture of DD feeding while holding a cycle helmet on her head. Reassuring to know that health and safety is also being taken seriously while breastfeeding.

pearlgirl Tue 19-Jul-11 23:46:47

Frequently fed ds2 while he wore his beloved builder's hat and clutched a plastic screwdriver in one hand.

StealthPolarBear Wed 20-Jul-11 06:52:43

pearlgirl, did he also insist on a bacon butty and show a bit of bumcrack? grin

Lol at cycle helmet - extreme breastfeeding!

TSF your DS is very cute!

TheSnickeringFox Wed 20-Jul-11 09:51:24

We should produce a manual:

"Safe and Discreet Breastfeeding: An Illustrated Guide"


EauRouge Wed 20-Jul-11 10:38:04

These are brilliant grin DD1 insisted on wearing her cycle helmet to a LLL meeting the other day, she is very safety conscious.

pearlgirl Wed 20-Jul-11 14:15:13

Stealth - no bumcrack on show - Tended to wear bodysuits and bacon butties are his favourite - maybe we conditioned him in his early life.

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