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Such a thing as gaining too much weight?

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Niccc123 Tue 19-Jul-11 16:56:37

Just a quick query from an over-anxious FTM, apologies if I'm being nutso! Am BF my 5 week old and the last three weeks he has put on 33oz, 11oz a week exactly, so at least he is consistent! HV told me the average is 5-8oz a week, so now I am a little concerned that this could be indicative of some kind of problem (thyroid or something??) He is in the 75 centile and weighs 10lb12, so isn't tipping the scales off the charts. Thanks.

estya Tue 19-Jul-11 17:18:18

My BF DD was 7lb10 at birth, and 11lbs at 5 weeks. She carried on up to nearly the 91st centile line and looking very chubby with it. People kept telling me that you can't over feed a breast fed baby so i continued feeding on demand and was getting used to the idea of having a chubby child.

She levelled off at about 12 weeks and her curve became less steep than the centile line curves.

Now she is 8 months, she is nicely between the 50 and 75 line. Her height is around the 91st line(just after a growth spurt, so I'm expecting it to gradually slide back down the graph), so you can imagine she has a healthy proportion.

Try not to worry. They all make their own curves. (on the graph - and in real life)

choccybox Tue 19-Jul-11 17:31:22

The same thing happened to me. DS was born on 9th centile, 50th centile at 4 weeks and up to 98th centile by 12 weeks and has remained there till now, 6 months.

He is chubby but along with 98th centile for height is in proportion.

I just let him eat as he wants and keep in my head that breast fed baby can't be over fed.

And i've had plenty of well dones and 'wow' when people find out he is exclusively BF grin

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