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Mistake changing formulas?

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minibmw2010 Tue 19-Jul-11 15:23:56

We started with SMA Gold when he was born but he seemed to really struggle to go so moved onto Aptamil about 3 weeks ago but I couldn't understand why he wasn't eating as much volume wise and was bringing some back up so went back to SMA yday thinking water would solve any constipation or training problems.

Today has been a nightmare. We are having a very rough afternoon, alternating between short naps (but only while being held), feeding and then throwing up and screaming while not doing either of those .... Which is all very very unusual for him (he's 8 weeks old).

He also had inoculations today and has been sick soon after having Calpol so now I feel awful for changing yday when he had jabs today. I'm an idiot for putting him through this just because he was bringing up some milk as now I know that's all it was. Can I swap back to Aptamil, will I upset him further ???

Grumpygils Tue 19-Jul-11 16:20:29

Breastmilk changes all the time, and formula is a breastmilk substitute. All the brands have to meet the nutritional minimums laid down in law. There's no need to stick to one brand at all. You could rotate around, or just use one. It makes no difference nutririonally speaking. If you want to switch back just do it smile.

Sorry to hear he was upset by his jabs sad.

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