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2nd time in 3 weeks that DS (9m) has broken the skin, I'm in agony

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ImpyCelyn Tue 19-Jul-11 06:54:22

DS is 9m, he has a habit of scraping his teeth on my nipple, he doesn't actually bite often but when it does it's really savage and he breaks the skin.

I feed him from both sides normally, so he's refusing to just have one, and it's his favourite side, and the one that seems to have the best let down/most milk. So if I try not to feed him on that side he has a mini breakdown.

So basically I can't just leave it to heal. I've got silverettes, but so far they're not really helping. Partly because he does the teeth scraping thing, so he keeps aggravating it.

I've tried stopping feeding him as soon as he nips/scrapes, and it works in the short term, but I can't seem to stop these savage one-off, skin-breaking bites.

Does anyone please have any advice for stopping him biting, and for dealing with the pain/healing post bite?


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