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Cow's milk for 20mo who doesn't have many bfs a day?

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jaggythistle Mon 18-Jul-11 10:12:54


Having read on Kellymom that bfing alone should be fine if a toddler feeds 3-4 times a day, I am wondering how much I should be encouraging DS to have a bit of cow's milk too.

I guess the main reason he doesn't bf much is that I work full time/shifts and he is at home with DH, although he doesn't ask much more on my days off. He has his 'best' feed when he gets up in the morning, which is what has got me thinking as he's missing it this week due to me starting early. Not sure how interested he'll be when I get home, unless I catch him as he wakes from his after lunch nap.

He normally has some cow's milk at bedtime, this makes it easier for DH putting him to bed when I am at work in the evenings. So really his 2 feeds are morning and nap time ,with the odd extra one if he asks/falls over etc!

He does enjoy yoghurt/cheese/custard/rice pudding and has 100ml or so milk on his cereal most days. His diet is ok, getting a bit more fussy these days though smile

So am I over worrying about my wee PFB? I know the requirement for milk is kind of over exaggerated in our society, but understand that milk etc are useful/convenient calcium sources.

Thanks smile

jaggythistle Mon 18-Jul-11 10:20:13

Actually he's 22mo - I really was up too early today blush

RitaMorgan Mon 18-Jul-11 11:40:54

I don't think they need cow's milk at all after 24 months if they have a good diet. The recommendation is 350ml of cow's milk a day between 12-24 months if not being breastfed, but that includes milk on cereal/in cooking, cheese and yoghurt. My 11 month old has two breastfeeds a day, around 150ml cow's milk to drink, plus a couple of portions of dairy products.

VeronicaCake Mon 18-Jul-11 12:15:03

The recommendation is around 3 portions of dairy food a day, which can include a cup of milk, a piece of cheese, portion of yoghurt etc. So it sounds like your DS is doing fine.

In fact there are more likely to be problems for children drinking a large amount of milk at this age because a very high calcium diet inhibits iron absorption and can lead to anaemia.

LaWeasel Mon 18-Jul-11 12:30:14

I have noticed very cheakily the example diet sheets HV give out in England are sponsored by the dairy council - so although they say only 3 portions of dairy a day are recommended, they put a lot more than that in the actual meal plans!

From what you have said I would think he is having enough dairy.

jaggythistle Mon 18-Jul-11 15:08:17

thanks all. i couldn't remember how many portions the guideline was, so if it's only about 3 it sounds like he's fine indeed. blush

he's far too busy blethering and showing me toys now that I'm home, so it might just be one feed today!

going by the tomato sauce i just found in his ear, he had some beans at lunch time, apparently not a bad source of calcium. although probably not in ears.

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