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Thrush? Or something else?

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shelfy74 Mon 18-Jul-11 10:08:25

I'm after some advice please.

I have been ebf ds2 for 17 weeks now.
When I was pregnant with him my left breast became very painful and I had red marks come up all over the side of it, I was diagnosed with mastitis and given antibiotics. That seemed to work but I have been conscious of an ache deep in the breast ever since, nothing major, but there. Since Friday this has felt more pronounced, like a pulling sensation deep in the breast, it's no worse when I feed, I feel it if I lay on the breast. I have googled and the only thing that sounds similar is thrush, but in one breast? There's no sign of thrush in baby's mouth that I can see. Do the doctors test somehow for thrush or do they diagnose on symptoms alone?

Alternatively, is it possible to pull a muscle in your breast, it feels a bit like that? It is not red or hot, no lumps I can see, just this strange feeling. Oh and if I squeeze my breast hard as I did when i was checking for lumps the pain is quite concentrated in one area towards the back of my breast near the chest wall, very deep. My breasts are very big and i haven't been wearing a bra very much, never around the house, if that makes a difference. I just find them uncomfortable.

Thanks in advance...

alowVera Mon 18-Jul-11 21:06:51

When I had thrush the best way I could describe it was it makes you grit your teeth in pain, and is a deep shooting type of pain, DC didn't look like she had it, but we were both treated. Yes you can get it in just one side.

shelfy74 Wed 20-Jul-11 22:37:15

Thanks. It isn't a grit your teeth pain more a constant deep pulling ache, its really hard to describe. It's constant. Doesn't sound like thrush then? Should I be worried?

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