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5 month old DD constipated, mixed breast and bottle - Help?

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brockleyD Mon 18-Jul-11 09:21:44

We have just started feeding my little DD one bottle of formula a day as her bedtime feed as it seems to fill her tummy more and helps here sleep longer. We have been doing this for about three weeks and now she has not done a poo for 5 days! I don't want to give up formula because I am happy she can take both in case I got ill or have to go back to work earlier then I hope. I was using SMA but read that can give constipation so last night swapped to Aptamil. I have also been encouraging her to drink water (but she is not keen) and she does very short feeds during the day (5 mins at a time). I have also tried repeated tummy massage and leg cycling.

My friend said to try prune juice? Any advice?

tiktok Mon 18-Jul-11 09:37:42

It can be normal for bf babies to go several days without a poo so there may be nothing amiss, brockley. The only way you will be sure is when it comes - if it is soft, then it is not true constipation. Maybe check with your HV?

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