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minor positioning tweak needed

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DontShootTheDog Mon 18-Jul-11 05:47:35

Is anyone able to advise, before I go to LLL meeting this week? My baby is 3 weeks and bf is going fine except that he won't open his mouth wide enough, so often ends up sucking my nipple only, or he drops off the breast and then sucks my nipple back in. As a result I am getting sore, so wondered if anyone could give any tips while I wait for the chance to go to my local LLL leader? He is gaining weight well and feeding happily, it is just a positioning thing. many thanks

MockingbirdsNotForSale Mon 18-Jul-11 22:53:02

I'm not too sure tbh but my DD never opened her mouth wide and got her latch ok in the end. At around the 3 week stage I had the breakthrough moment of sitting very upright in bed with her and having 3 pillows on my lap and cushions around me for my elbows so she was propped up right next to me with no effort from either of us to latch on. unlike a lot of mums I didn't hold her head with the opposite hand to breast, but tucked my left arm under her head for the left breast and vice versa so she was also lying along the length of my arm. From that point on regardless of the lack of wide mouth the latch was perfect.

Now she's 9 months and only opens wide when I unlatch her when she's dozing and she searches me out with a wide mouth smile.

I hope that might help you- how are you holding him?

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