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Constant flow during let down

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FirstVix Sun 17-Jul-11 13:53:02

Hi all, hope someone can help...

In general bf has gone well, baby gaining weight etc.

Recently though DD has been getting fussy at one breast when I felt the let down (unless she was dream feeding). I put this down to spurting as she sometimes coughed so tried all the usual - change sides, express a bit etc.

BUT today I thought I'd check as it seemed more severe than usual and it wasn't spurting when depressed - It was like a tap had been turned on! Constant flow for a good minute after the initial let down feel. I had three let downs (DD was feeding on other breasts) within the space of 5 mins or so, so pretty much a constant flow! I'd say a good 'double vodka' [sorry, no idea how much that is in ml/oz] amount came out with no help/pressure from me at all.

Now, I've been very leaky from about 3 weeks but mostly before with the other breast. This doesn't seem as leaky, but now I have this!!

So, has anyone experienced this? Will it stop on its own? Any tips - btw expressing doesn't seem to work on this breast as it still gushes out (so will catch the back of DD's throat) for as long as I express (did it for 10 mins yesterday and wasn't particularly trying hard IYKWIM!).

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