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Dream feeding

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TettyLouBar Sat 16-Jul-11 19:27:33

Can somebody tell me the basics?
I have a 6mo that has just made a rather swift transition from boob to bottle. She was sleeping throught at 9 weeks when exclusively breast fed but that stopped at 20 weeks when she got her first 2 teeth and she hasn't slept through since but last night we had a good night.
She went down at 1830 after a 6oz bottle and then only woke once at 2am for another 6oz then slept til 0630.
My query is, how much shall I try to get into her tonight if I try dream feeding at 10pm?
I gave her a 5oz bottle at bedtime as I didn't want to fill her too much in a short space of time and make her sick if I'm feeding her again at 10pm.
How much shall I use? Do I change her to rouse her? or just pick her up and stick bottle in her mouth?
I'm scared it might wake her and I won't be able to settle her!

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 17-Jul-11 08:55:09

Not sure about the dreamfeed Tetty but is she on solids now? If so, could you try filling her up with solids a little more? When my DD was slightly older than yours, she would have her tea around 5pm, then she would have some cereal in whilst in the bath and then milk after. It seemed to help fill her up a bit.

TettyLouBar Sun 17-Jul-11 09:33:29

She is on solids but not a huge amount just yet. Still a bit hit and miss. I will try to up the amount she has and see if it makes a difference. Thanks.
She was unsettled last night and woke at 2130 anyway so I fed her another bottle then. She woke at 4am, but when I went in to the room it was quite clear by the wall of smell that hit me that she had filled her nappy to overflow! Not sure whether that was what woke her as she HATES being in a dirty nappy.
Will give it another go tonight but I feel maybe it's not going to make a huge amount of difference.
Thanks jilted

cheekyginger Sun 17-Jul-11 18:40:32


I give my 12wo a dream feed. He was getting it at 1am but recently i moved it to 11pm and he seems to take it fine and sleep through till 6.30.

We do the dream feed in his bedroom with just a very dim night light...pick him up as gently as possible and gently pop the bottle in. We have a 6oz bottle made up and what he takes varies from night to night. Hopefully this will reduce and eventually stop.

As for nappy. Unless there is poo leave it alone. In the long run you are probably hoping for a 10-12 hour stretch and therefore will be in the same nappy for that. My DS has never had nappy rash so certainly not doing him any harm!!

Good luck

TettyLouBar Sun 17-Jul-11 19:15:54

Thanks cheeky
I think maybe she's also very hungry as she's at weaning age and I hadn't completely introduced meal times until today. She's had 3 big meals and bottles inbetween and ate really well for tea tonight, so I'm hoping maybe she might sleep longer (She has slept through before so I know she can do it) so I'm thinking there must be a reason now that her teeth have settled down again.
Will let you know how I get on tonight! wink

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