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Mastitis or something else? (breast pain)

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midori1999 Sat 16-Jul-11 15:31:24

My DD is 4 weeks old on Monday. I was diagnosed with mastitis when she was 9 days old and given a weeks course of co-amoxiclav, which seemed to clear it up quite quickly, although two days after I finished the course I felt a bit rough again, but then felt better.

I have been having breast pain for the last week or so and then on Thursday started feeling fluey/headachey again, so went back to docs yesterday and she prescribed me a 14 day course of co-amoxiclav. So far I haven't noticed any improvement. I am also taking paracetamol 4 times a day and have been since the birth.

The breast pain is on the left side and deep in the breast and like shooting pains, it is also noticably worse after I have fed from that side. I do also have over supply/fast let down issues although that has improved slightly. I did block feed for a few days prior to the first instance of mastitis, but am now trying to just feed from one breast at each feed, although occasionally DD wants both sides. However, neither breast is ever anywhere near empty after a feed, even when DD seems to want the other side. She doesn't feed very frequently and often goes 3 hours in between feeds during the day, sometimes up to 5 hours at night, so I assumed by feeding from one breast each time my supply would eventually naturally dwindle? (DD does have plenty of wet and dirty nappies and just about manages to fit 8-9 feeds in per day)

I have noticed DD is/was clamping down on my nipples a bit, especially the left side, but I make sure I utch and relatch her if she does this. My left nipple is sometimes pale/white after a feed, but it goes back to normal quite fast, especially if I let it air dry and doesn't seem to be affected by the cold.

Any suggestions or advice greatfully recieved. I don't want to stop BF, but this pain is awful and the thought of it going on for months is soul destroying. I am in tears frequently atm. sad

rizzie Sat 16-Jul-11 16:43:09

If your doctor diagnosed you with mastitis and prescribed medication for you (twice!) there is a good chance you have a yeast infection in your breast... antibiotics/medication not only kill off the bad infection/bacteria, but also kill off all the "good" bacteria in your body as well. Do you have a mild rash on your nipples? Does your baby have white spots in her mouth? You don't HAVE to have these symptoms in order to confirm a yeast infection, but they are also signs of one. Many mums complain of deep breast pain post-feeding (sometimes in the breast and in the armpit area) due to yeast infection of the breast. Treatment is the same as for a vaginal infection - you can take an oral over-the-counter treatment, or a cream applied over your breast... if you use the cream, make sure you wash your breasts thoroughly before feeding again. Talk to a nurse about taking an oral medication and breastfeeding. Cut out sugar and breads/pastas from your diet while you have the infection!
Also, like you said, your baby might just be clamping on the nipple too hard while she eats... My baby did this too and would be pale/white afterward like you described. I think it took about 6-8 weeks for us to perfect our latch/feeding, and I was about ready to give up I was so exhausted and upset. Stick with it, you and your baby will get there, I promise! Learning to breastfeed is tricky and can be quite painful for weeks while both you and baby are learning -- and if you were slowed down by mastitis problems, it will naturally just take a little longer for you both to reach your comfort zone. I promise you, it gets better. In a week or two, you'll be a total pro!

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