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Best bottle - currently use TT anti-colic

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daisylulu Sat 16-Jul-11 11:27:35

Hi all. I'm thinking of changing LOs bottle. V long story but she has reflux/cmpi and is seeing a specialist in a week. It's occurred to me that I've never changed her bottle- she's currently on tommee tippee with the anti-colic dr brown type valve thingy.

I'm thinking I should try at least one other bottle type . Sometimes I think the nipple on the tt bottle looks huge for her mouth. Anyone have any suggestions? Avent? Dr browns?


YogaMummy2B Sat 16-Jul-11 11:42:59

Waves to daisy, how are you doing?
I tried TT, Avent and Dr Browns, my LO did not get on well with TT at all, could not handle the huge teat and sucked in lots of wind. Avent and Dr B much of a muchness, I prefer the Avent as they are easier cleaned, Dr B are a bit of a faf.

daisylulu Sat 16-Jul-11 13:17:55

Hi yoga <waves>

Thanks for that. Think i might try dr browns. We are doing ok thanks though still having feeding issues in that J not taking very much and gets upset if i try to feed her unless she is lying flat. She also has her first cold so that might be reducing her milk intake.

How's things going with you and DD?

We have our appointment with specialist on 26 July. Can PM you with what he has to say if you like?

I think I may be underestimating the amount J eats (I've started a debate on a whole separate thread on this topic) as I had been counting say 5oz of water plus powder as 5 oz when in fact when mixed it makes up 6oz in volume. It makes a big difference over course of day. For example yesterday Js intake with the former calculation equals 23oz but with the second equals 28oz.... I think I need to stop obsessing so much!

On a positive note J dropped her 3am feed last night (well positive on sleep front not milk intake front!!!).

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