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Very curious baby too distracted to feed...

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travispickles Fri 15-Jul-11 23:15:07

She is nearly 6 months and I have started with baby rice over the last few weeks. The issue is that trying to BF her during the day is becoming a nightmare as if there is anything/ anyone around she will not stay latched on. Any ideas? Am getting a bit blush at the act of spraying milk around when she whips her head round to perform. Also she can get a bit irate if I persist, even though I know she is hungry. I love BF and worry that she is getting fed up with it (I know it sounds illogical but it appears so much of this stuff is!). I would appreciate any experiences or advice.

boognish Fri 15-Jul-11 23:50:07

Are you sure she's not teething? Not long after mine started teething he began to whip off the boob (painful to stay on). One way to see if this is the case with mine when he doesn't feed is to insert the knuckle of my little finger between his front teeth gums. If he bites down on my knuckle for pain relief, that shows he's feeling teething pains. Is your baby getting drooly/sticking her fingers/muslins into her mouth?

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