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Has anyone taken Clomid whilst breastfeeding?

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jerryg Fri 15-Jul-11 13:24:19

Posted in Conception, but no luck.

So lucky to have conceived my 15 month old through Clomid and would really like to start TTC number two. Hes still feeding a few times a day and once or twice at night so Im just wondering if the Dr will want me to wean and try naturally for X amount of months before referring me again. I know breastfeeding affects your fertility, but I never ovulated on my own before becoming pregnant due to PCOS so Im not holding out much hope it will happen naturally....I understand its safe to take whilst nursing but can reduce your supply.

Any experiences gratefully received smile

mumsiepie Sat 16-Jul-11 00:37:04

I took clomid (11 years ago ) and fed my daughter. It didn't really affect my supply. I suspect by then she was feeding more for comfort rather than nutrition so if it did affect my supply it didn't matter. xx

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