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silly question - formula smell

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globalgem Fri 15-Jul-11 08:12:22

Just starting out with FF with my 6 month old DC.
Used cartons before for the odd feed. starting powder ( Hipp organis).
Making it as per instructions.

DC will not take it. And i don't blame him- it tastes awful and smells 'off'.
Made it 3 times now and always the same. Didn't get this smell quiet this bad.

question: is this normal? or have a got a bad batch?


QuinnFabray Fri 15-Jul-11 08:16:55

Every brand tastes and smells different. I know, because I tasted them all once, out of curiousity. This was about 6 years ago mind, so it could have all changed?

From what I remember, SMA and C&G tasted really chemically and quite bitter. Aptimil and Farleys ( no longer made? ) were sweeter and more natural tasting. Hipp wasn't the worst, bit oily? None of them tasted natural or delicious, to be honest.

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 15-Jul-11 08:45:46

Think its unlikely that you've got a bad batch but you could always call their customer services to find out if you are worried.

Pootle78 Fri 15-Jul-11 08:56:42

I second jilted I had a problem last week with hipp last week, phoned them up and they sent me a new box. Strange question, is your scoop white or blue?

globalgem Fri 15-Jul-11 13:07:33

scoop is blue. might trying calling them up. i know they seem to have changed the formulation.

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