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Can I freeze this milk?!

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PepperPotts Thu 14-Jul-11 22:45:29

I pumped some milk on Sunday night as I had to leave DS2 (9 weeks) for a couple of hours yesterday and today.

He slept both times I was away so it's not been used and is still in the fridge

Can I now freeze it? It needs to be used by tomorrow but I'd rather breastfeed if with him and it seems such a waste to bin it!!

I would freeze food the day before it's BB date but am not sure if I should do this!

Thanks a lot

thisisyesterday Thu 14-Jul-11 22:55:01

yep, i would!

RightUpMyRue Thu 14-Jul-11 23:04:39

BfN leaflet on Expressing and Storing Breastmilk

Do you know how cold your fridge is?

PepperPotts Thu 14-Jul-11 23:13:24

Thanks for replying!

I don't know the fridge temp unfortunatley, the bags said 3-5 days on them and he's had it on day 4 before with no problems.

Cosmosis Fri 15-Jul-11 10:25:39

I would.

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