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Return of Periods after 1yr and baby still BFing

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GoggleEyed Thu 14-Jul-11 20:30:55

After your periods returned, but you were still BFing, did they come regularly? Or did they take a few cycles to settle down? Does it depend on how much the baby feeds?

Returned at 12 months, had a short cycle of 25 day, which is normal, so second was at 13 months, but now I am at 29 days and counting confused. Is this normal or should I be POAS'ing?? (Hopefully not!!)

whomovedmychocolate Thu 14-Jul-11 20:51:24

Took three months for mine to go back to normal.

But that was with DS - I got pregnant with him without a period since DD.

I would test in five days if you don't have a period. Otherwise you are just wasting pregnancy tests. smile

GoggleEyed Thu 14-Jul-11 20:54:14

Dont tell me that!!!(about your DS!) I am NOT pregnant!! Well, I dont think so!! grin

In case it wasnt clear in the op, I have had two periods and am waiting for the third. Dammit.

So, three months, huh? Hm.

Good point about wasting the pregnancy tests!

Icoulddoitbetter Thu 14-Jul-11 21:03:42

Mine came back really quickly despite BF (5 bloody weeks, how is that fair?!) and I went straight back to my normal cycle.

Possibly not the answer you wanted!

GoggleEyed Thu 14-Jul-11 21:09:38

Hm. Ok. So, what do we think?? Can I blame BFing hormones??

whomovedmychocolate Thu 14-Jul-11 21:13:42

Has your child just gone through a growth spurt. This can really play havoc with your prolactin levels and suppress bleeding.

theothermrsclooney Thu 14-Jul-11 21:17:27

Mine took about a year to settle down after DC2. Had a difficult birth with DC2 resulting in a lot of blood loss and then had 2 PPHs which resulted in a D&C. BF for a year and started with a light period after about 11mths. I then have over a year of never really knowing when my period was going to appear. Some months were really light others normal and they came at any point between 22 and 30 days (26 is usual for me). I went to see my GP wondering if it was age realted (42) but she said my body had been though so much trauma and then with feeding for a year it waqs just taking time to settle down. She was right they have settled down but it did take a long time.

mawbroon Thu 14-Jul-11 21:58:25

having charted and ttc for 2.5yrs while feeding ds1, I noticed that if he fed a lot more, then ovulation was delayed - sometimes by as much as a week. This in turn delays menstruation, so it could be that.

Or it might not be winksmile

GoggleEyed Thu 14-Jul-11 22:09:41

ok thanks all. Will wait another week or so. No growth spurt that I have noticed.

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