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is this reflux? or just a gassy baby?! Not sure what problem is.

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Devonlover Thu 14-Jul-11 15:13:10

I've been EBF my 11 week son without too many problems so far but he really suffers from wind - huge explosive farts, lots of burping, very red face when straining into his nappy and so on. He also brings up quite a lot of milk not long after finishing a feed, then often he'll also spit up a load of curdled milk an hour or even more later. He'll often double up in spasms and get very upset because the gas obviously hurts him.

I'm sure this is all pretty normal, but I've read stuff about reflux and colic wondered if this is what it is. Or could he be lactose intolerant? I thought BF babies didn't suffer from this, but I'm not sure. Is it my diet maybe? And that's all? Could anyone offer any advice? I thought he might grow out of it, and have been told he will, but it doesn't show any signs of getting better.

Basically, he is a happy baby and if he didn't have this, life would be pretty straightforward!!

Devonlover Thu 14-Jul-11 15:24:13

Oh, I forgot to mention that he seems to always be salivating bubbly spit and clearly the milk is pretty sour because his face really screws up when he's sick. He also gets hiccups a lot.

Thanks for any guidance.

KeepOnSwimming Thu 14-Jul-11 17:41:13

Ooooh my dd (2 weeks) is like this - I've been in tears the past few days because I hate seeing her in pain - windy, sicky, hiccups, constant feeding to comfort because of it. Both the health visitor and the midwife are convinced it is wind not reflux and she is overfeeding because of it, hence the sick... I've just started infacol today, but am taking her to the docs tomorrow anyway..

so, no advice sorry, but waiting to see what others say!

thisisyesterday Thu 14-Jul-11 17:43:36

ds2 did that and it turned out he was reacting to the dairy and egg in my milk, but he also had other symptoms such as being very miserable all the time and prolonged bouts of screaming when he was just inconsolable, very frequent feeding, and eczema

tbh though, if he is generally happy, gaining weight, meeting milestones etc then i wouldn't be overly worried

argylesocks Thu 14-Jul-11 19:19:12

Have you tried gripe water? I've just started using it but it really seems to help. They bring up much bigger burps.

bettieblue Thu 14-Jul-11 20:15:42


Ive posted in feeding too as my DS (7 weeks) has exatly the same symptons you describe. I went to Dr and told him I thought it was reflux, he didn't disagree. He prescribed formula (my DS is FF) but its for cows milk allergy. I was concerned we hadn't explored other avenues so we are starting on infant gaviscon. If that doesn't work then Im trying colief (incase its lactose overload) and lastly the formula.

Ive found this website really useful and it has sections relevant to BF which may answer some of your questions. Go to the information tab at the end.

inspireme Fri 15-Jul-11 15:01:39

My 2 wk old ds has the exact same symptoms although never really seems to be in distress and is generally settled. brought him to doc's y'day and she seems to think it's just wind but im not convinced as he has all the symptoms of reflux.

I'm gonna see how he goes over the weekend and if he's any worse then take him back to a different doctor next wk for second opinion.

Marabou Fri 15-Jul-11 23:05:04

Devonlover My 9-week-old DS has the exact same symptoms; I could have written your post and in fact was going to before I saw thissmile..

Yesterday morning he vomited quite forcefully and there was some blood in the vomit, so I took him to see the GP immediately. The doctor felt his stomach etc. but didn't seem to think it was that serious. To be honest though, despite my panicking, LO seemed to be undistrurbed by the whole episode and while he was crying a bit at the docs, it was more him being tired and having had to go there in th middle of his mid-morning nap.. Anyway, the doctor prescribed infant Gaviscon, which I have now given him a few times with a dropper mixed in breastmilk (I exclusively breastfeed btw). It has helped a little bit. I also give him infacol or gripe water once a day in the evening when DH feeds him breastmilk with a bottle..

My DS is also a happy baby, but I hope this condition will get better in time, sooner rather than later!

bettieblue thanks so much for posting the link to the website, I found a lot of useful info on there!

Marabou Fri 15-Jul-11 23:07:50

Oh I was going to add that the doctor explained that the blood in the vomit (it was a tiny amount) was caused by tears in the little blood vessels in baby's throat when he was projectile vomiting rather than anything more sinister like an infection...

hellitops Tue 19-Jul-11 18:04:45

bettieblue for some reason that link is not working but I got my information about reflux and silent reflux (I have almost no sick or possetting) from the don't cry over spilt milk website (it's a New Zealand one but the info is good). My DS has quite a few of these symptoms but I'm also wondering about the CMPI as this can cause symptoms similar to silent reflux and lots of babies with silent reflux also have CMPI.

Have been put on infant gaviscon but not sure if it is working yet. He also has explosive farts and is generally happy and gaining weight, but I think he may actually be a 'hungry baby' and not getting as much as he really wants

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