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Hints to help 7 week old DS take occasional bottle after 1 week break

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peedieworky Wed 13-Jul-11 19:29:42

Hi -

I BF my son but since he was about 4 weeks old, my DH has given him a bottle of EBM for his 10/11pm feed to allow me to get to bed and recharge before the night feeds. He's never seemed up nor down about the difference and took either as happily from either of us. Last week DH was away on a trip for a few days so I ditched the bottle (too much like hard work!) and did all the feeds as BF but now DS seems really reluctant to take a bottle and screams when first offered. He is eventually taking it but only drinking half what he used to - possibly because by the time he's calm enough to drink he's tired himself out through crying. I'm keen to persevere with the bottle as I'm due to go to hospital for day surgery in a week or so but am finding it really hard to hear him and also worry that if we persevere he may refuse completely (I'm nothing if not an over-anxious pessimist!).

Any advice welcomed!

peedieworky Thu 14-Jul-11 07:29:22

Any experience of Tommy Tippee Vs Avent bottles? Thinking of changing from the latter to the former in case that helps. Clutching at straws...

suzym1984 Thu 14-Jul-11 08:57:50

hi peedie from my experience of DS (a strong willed bottle refuser!) we had most success with TT CTN bottles. What bottles did he have when he accepted them?

We also had a break from the 11pm feed and this caused DS to refuse a bottle, but we managed to get him to accept it again. We found offering it at the same time worked best, so being consistent. If he gets upset maybe put the botle away and offer again a while later, you dont want a negative association.

It may be best to give it a break for a week or so (this is what we did) and then try again from fresh. He will take it again, you just might need to give him time.

peedieworky Thu 14-Jul-11 21:23:00

Thanks for the reply. Oddly he will take a bottle during the day the last 2 days - just not for his night feed. Have purchased some TT CTN bottles (been using Avent) and am steeling myself to try tonight... Think another issue may be that DH faffs around getting himself comfy etc etc before feeding which may mean DS has lost patience by the time the bottle finally arrives & then is so busy screaming he wont close his mouth around the teat. Keeping everything crosses for TT bottle as it does look lik eit will fill his mouth more like a breast..

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