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Dc3 9lb 8oz baby not back to birth weight at ten days

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Hormoneoverload Mon 11-Jul-11 16:14:31

Dd was quite big at birth and pound and half bigger than next biggest. She's fed like mad since birth but has settled in last couple of days. Thought all was well, but when mw signed us off today said she hadn't got back to birthweight. Wasn't desperately worried but would mention as concern to health visitor. How concerned should I be? Uncharted territory - other two didn't lose weight at all.
She cluster feeds for a couple of hours a day, then the rest of time usually takes both sides and is done.
Any wisdom? Nearly Three years spent bf and I feel like a novice! Which is good for me in a way but would appreciate advice

Milkybrew Mon 11-Jul-11 16:31:02

My DD was 9lb 5oz at birth but quickly dropped down to 8lb 13oz. No one was worried that at 11 days old she still hadn't made it back to birth weight, well other than me!! The next 5 days she fed like mad and weighed in at 9lb 11oz at 16 days old. I was told it's normal for larger babies and not to worry. At 9 wks she weighs in at an impressive 13 and half pounds so I'm glad I didn't stress myself out over it. Congrats on your new DD!

tiktok Mon 11-Jul-11 16:31:45

Not possible really to draw any conclusion without an interim weight - was your baby weighed in the days after birth? That would help you judge if weight is going up or down. If it's going up there's not much reason for worry as long as everything else is ticking the right boxes - is her poo copious and yellow? Is she happy to be at the breast? Are you offering at least two breasts each time (you say she is, which is good!)?

chloeb2002 Mon 11-Jul-11 17:27:16

My dd also took just over 2 weeks to regain birth weight of 9 lb 3 oz. I was also told it'd common in bigger bubs ...

Eglu Mon 11-Jul-11 17:29:18

None of mine have been back to birth weight at 11 days old. It is nothing to be concerned about as long as she is gaining weight.

Thandeka Mon 11-Jul-11 17:31:54

My dd was 9.5lb and lost 14%of bodyweight in first few days (nicu, feeding issues, odema at birth). As a result took her 6weeks to regain birthweight. Was a nightmare as were on top ups etc and being closely monitored but once 2weeks old she was gaining ok just very slowly and HCPS were happy with her. So long as weight going in right direction try not to worry too much! (easier said than done!)

japhrimel Mon 11-Jul-11 19:22:06

Don't worry about it. My DD did have early weight loss issues, but we got signed off and our (unusually good) HV and GP were perfectly happy with her weight gain by 4 weeks old and she didn't regain her birth weight until 6 weeks old.

Just get her weighed most weeks until she's 6 weeks old to double check she continues to gain.

Hormoneoverload Mon 11-Jul-11 19:48:52

Really helpful everyone! Good to hear bigger babies more likely to have this. In theory she has lost an ounce between days five and ten, but in practice, she had just had full nappy today and due a feed, whereas day 5 she was just about to fill nappy and had just had both sides feed! Not quite sure where that leaves it! Apart from not all that precise! Will not worry too much, although will get her weighed on holiday - have got health visitor contact details from lady who runs cottages there. Thought I was being over diligent but might need to use services after all!

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