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Getting BF, Cosleeping 12 month old into own room

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LeoniPoni Mon 11-Jul-11 15:04:36


My 12 month old cosleeps and is breastfed at night to sleep. It's been a great way for DH, myself and DS to get a good nights sleep. But now DS is so much bigger and taking over the whole bed we want to make the move into his own room. Ideally we would have had the cot in our room to make the move less traumatic but his cotbed won't fit into our room.

So I was wondering whats the best way to make the move? Should I start with a routine of dinner, bath, story, breastfeed bed and just stick to it until he is comfortable with it? I know I don't want to do controlled crying so I will need to comfort him if he cries.

I've resolved myself to a tough few weeks but I'm just not sure of how I should be handling it when/if he is crying?

Any advice, ideas, past experience would really be appreciated!

KnitterNotTwitter Mon 11-Jul-11 15:12:32

We had the same issue as you... DS was 13mo and DH decided that enough was enough!!

How it was working is that I'd bf DS to sleep in our bed and then DH and I would get into bed with him when it was our bedtime... We'd sleep/feed until morning and that was that.

DS's room was our old spare room and when we moved him in there we just left the double bed in there - couldn't justify spending on toddler beds etc... I'd BF DS to sleep in there and then spend the evening with DH... DH and I would then get into our bed and when DS woke in the night I'd go through to his room and spend the rest of the night in there... Worked a treat. DS was gradually sleeping longer and longer before I went through and I'm confident we'd've done the full transition but that I had an ectopic pregnancy and emergency stay in hospital which rather forced this issue - DH had to settle DS for the three nights I was away and the two weeks after i was back....

Hope that helps

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