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Hospital put us on formula, now its difficult to do without.

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Patopopo Mon 11-Jul-11 12:55:38

I'm hoping someone can give us advice.
Our daughter had a head injury at birth due to multiple unsuccessful tries with the vontuse and then out came the forceps. This head injury isn't so serious but her head was very swollen and it created a bit of jaundice. But the next day the hospital doctor said DD was within the jaundice threshold, with room to spare and could go home.
So we took her home and she was doing well. However the community mid-wife came around the next day. She was young and from eastern europe and said because my wife's breast milk hadn't come in yet and because the baby had some head trauma and was looking a little jaundice we needed to go back to the hospital and the A&E department. Our feeling was the mid-wife was simply playing it safe. I pointed this out but she insisted we had to go. So off we went back to hospital and of course the NHS A&E doctor (a very strict German woman) said we didn't really need to be there because the baby was totally fine and still within the safe jaundice threshold. However because DD was now in the A&E's care and with some head trauma and jaundice and because my wife's milk hadn't come in, the doctor insisted that we feed her formula milk before she was allowed to leave the hospital. We pointed out that we only wanted to breast feed and that introducing formula milk wasn't what we wanted. But the doctor was keen to stress that it was necessary to prevent further jaundice and that the formula milk wouldn't effect the baby eventually taking breast milk. So we accepted what they told us and gave DD the formula milk in hospital A&E.
It's been 19 days since DD was born; my wife's breast milk came in after day five and she has been BF feeding very regularly as demanded by the baby. The problem is DD isn't satisfied with the breast milk alone. She will drink it and then want a formula top up. But if she takes formula alone she will be satisfied. However she just isn't satisfied with only taking breast milk.
We are very frustrated because we didn't want to introduce formula milk at such an early age but the NHS health system forced itself upon us and now we can't do without the formula. This formula milk is almost like being addicted to a drug for our DD and I'm pretty sure formula top ups are having a negative impact on the total amount of milk my wife is producing. We did try breast pumping to confirm the breast milk volume and while not a large amount it is definitely there every few hours. Does anyone have any advice to get off the formula milk?

Patopopo Mon 11-Jul-11 13:02:32

Opps I've some how posted this twice...

Yika Mon 11-Jul-11 22:01:19

Keep pumping - it will work in the end - but it can take quite a while to get it established.

Yes, formula top ups will affect your wife's breast milk supply. But in my view you are definitely doing the right thing to follow medical advice. Much more important than breastfeeding.

At only 19 days of age, you still have plenty of time I think to get breast feeding established - but you will have to work at it. do it for at least a week or two, maybe more - don't give up.

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