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Stopping breastfeeding with the last dregs of Mastitis

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melsy Sat 11-Oct-03 16:51:38

I have decided to give up breastfeeding, due to severe anaemia (brought on by bloodloss post birth of up to 1000mls of blood), exhaustion, the onset of late detected bilateral mastitis & my 18 day old baby not having not put weight on for more than 6 days. For 5 days I gradually changed over to formula with breastfeeding & bottle formula & expressed breast milk, she is now on formula only slowly gaining. I would like to know how to safely stop the breast milk, as I have been on antibiotics for 6 days and the symptoms are slowly dissipating.I have been expressing 1-2oz, 4-5 times during the day but not at night to reduce the flow.Is this right & safe with mastitis???

fisil Sat 11-Oct-03 17:52:52

Firstly, well done for taking the decision - I know how much it hurts emotionally as well as physically to stop breastfeeding.

I was in so much pain with the mastisis (&thrush) that I really didn't want to undo my bra at all - so I only expressed when I really really had to cos the pain was so unbearable. I was lucky as we were able to go to my parents, so I could lie in bed and just get it over with while everyone else dealt with ds. My doctor advised to take painkillers as if they were prescription, instead of when I felt I needed them. The worst pain was over in 48 hours, and I had no further troubles (although, oddly, still a tiny bit of milk even now, 9 months later!).

I've no idea if my cold turkey approach was the right one, or whether it was highly dangerous. I just couldn't face touching my boobs, so I didn't.

bunnyrabbit Sun 12-Oct-03 00:48:15

Firstly, you are very brave for making ths decision. Moving from breast to bottle was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make and it really did tear me apart when I realised that DS was losing wight and just wouldn't latch on properly. I know exactly what you're going through and want to reassure you that things will get better.

This was me two weeks ago.... except for the anaemia.

I expressed for 3 days, but then decided to stop altogether as I was worried about a re-occurance of mastitis as I had so much milk and could not fully express to drain it. I just stopped and
I massaged my breasts several times a day, just to make sure there were no lumps. After two weeks, I'm still leaking a bit, but it's mostly OK now.

Righty is still slightly larger than lefty, but I'm pretty sure they'll even up eventually. Not sure what the medical advice is, but this worked for me.

Wishing you better,


melsy Sun 12-Oct-03 08:17:20

Thank you both for your kind words ,
I was in hostpital for 5 days,had to have blood transfusion & stabilise 1st, I must have been given over 30-40 different opinions. Having attended breast feeding workshops before the birth ,to feel more comfortable with breast feeding, as I was not into the idea and then to actually like it, to then be in a state with it, was just unbearable and like torture.You feel the opposite to brave for many days !!
Having to stop makes you just feel so guilty and sad and not a very good mum. It is so great to talk to others in the same boat as it has taken a while to accept.
Its now 6 days since I finished the antibiotics and I dont seem to have to express so much as they hardly hurt as much. I am through it all now HOPEFULLY and well on the way to recovery. I could tell because I went out to lunch with DD & DH yesterday and put make up on!!!

bunnyrabbit Sun 12-Oct-03 20:44:11

Good for you...
You must look forward now and not back. Enjoy you new baby and forget about what's happened. As one of my freinds said to me, in a few months time DS will be weaned and all this will not seem so important. Just 'cos your not breast feeding this does not affect your ability to be a wonderful mum. You've proved that already by the pain you've been through and your perseverance.


myersthecat Tue 14-Oct-03 11:09:45

I also went for the all out stop as I was getting thoroughly exhausted, sore and fed-up when breast feeding. I was also anemic and had lost 1 and a half litres of blood at babys birth.
Just looking into baby's eyes when she's feeding makes me feel heaps better about giving up bf.
We both really enjoy feeding time now.

Good luck and get well soon!

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