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How do i know if it is wind?

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OompaLumpa Mon 11-Jul-11 09:23:46

sorry if this is a dumb question. DD is particularly unsettled after her 7am feed but after being put down in her moses basket she makes a kind of straining noise like she is constipated (she isn't) and it turns into a kind of cry and she is kicking her legs.
I wind her after every feed but i'm not sure if this is wind or colic or what and what I might be able to do to settle her a bit better. She sounds uncomfortable but often she still has her eyes shut so I'm not sure if she is just trying to settle herself? she is 4 weeks old.

tiktok Mon 11-Jul-11 09:52:46

If she is more or less asleep and not distressed, the grunting and kicking and straining noise is nothing to worry about....maybe it is 'wind' and this is her way of dealing with it. You could maybe keep her close and snuggled into you until she is properly settled and then try putting her down in the basket if you need to get on with something else.

4 week old babies (and older, too!) are often spectacular grunters and wrigglers smile

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