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Has DS's tongue tie regrown?

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narmada Sat 09-Jul-11 22:51:07

Hello all,

DS is now 8 and a bit months, had his posterior tongue tie clipped at around 10 weeks of age. He's now FF and has been since around 6 weeks of age.

Around 4 months, he was sticking his tongue out a fair bit. However, I haven't seen him do this at all for several months now and I'm pretty sure that he can't actually physically stick his tongue out over his lower gumline.

I can see the frenulum under his tongue, it's fairly visible. What are the odds on it having regrown, and if he had it resected again now would he need a general anaesthetic??? He has quite severe reflux and some oral aversions so is very unlikely to be receptive to someone poking around in his mouth. I was wondering if they ever sedate babies for something like this - surely it's got to be safer than a general??

kimberlina Sat 09-Jul-11 23:16:39

My DD was seen at the hospital for a tongue tie (normal I think rather than posterior) but the doctor said that it might reform after it was snipped especially if she didn't 'talk' much. She is 8mo now and it would be a GA to snip it - but the doctor said that it was only a 5 minute GA and extremely safe. We're currently weighing it up, but will probably have it done.

So I think that yes it can reform and yes it would require a GA to snip.

TruthSweet Sun 10-Jul-11 00:07:28

I saw Jean Waldman speak at a bfing conference recently and she spoke about the band of tissue (ligament?) at the front of the TT being cut and then more of the tissue moving forward. Thus making it look like it had regrown when it was always there it just was 'hiding' at the back. She said that sometimes some TT have to be cut twice as the tissue just keeps coming forward.

Hopefully that made some sort of sense but it is late. <My excuse and I'm sticking to it>

narmada Mon 11-Jul-11 13:24:38

Thanks both - I'm fairly sure it must have regrown as poor DS can't poke his tongue out and can't seem to move food around his mouth terribly easily either. Back to the original doctor who did the snip, then...

Have also noticed he has an upper lip tie - presuming this can just stay as it is, or is that something that needs removing too?

TruthSweet Mon 11-Jul-11 14:23:05

Labial ties seem to be controversial as regards to snipping or leaving be (I have asked some HCP about LT and they have pooh-poohed they cause any feeding or dental issueshmm) but [ this]] might be interesting reading for you.

If you have a lot of free time (and who does with a baby!) this is a very good presentation on TT & LT (not so much on LTs though).

TruthSweet Mon 11-Jul-11 14:33:03

A email group I'm on was discussing TT & LT recently and this link came up. Also mentioned was a tongue tie babies group on facebook which might have some local support for you.

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