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How much milk do you express per pumping session?

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DitaVonCheese Thu 07-Jul-11 22:06:18

Evening ladies. Was wondering if you could help me out. I'm preparing a session on pumping/expressing as part of my breastfeeding counsellor training and want to include info about how much is an average amount to pump. According to kellymom, it's .5 to 2 oz (US) which I think is 15-60 ml but just want to check that I'm doing the conversion properly.

I hated expressing, was rubbish at it, and DD wouldn't take a bottle anyway so I have no idea what is a "normal" amount - can anyone who expresses on a regularish basis give me some idea of whether 15-60 ml sounds about right?

Thanks in advance smile

Paschaelina Thu 07-Jul-11 22:07:54

I pump once a day at the same time and usually get 5.5 - 6.5 oz.

TittyBojangles Thu 07-Jul-11 22:12:08

Used to get about 4-5 oz, now only 2-3 oz (thats per boob btw). And tbh leftie is a bit rubbish so sometimes only 1oz from that one. I have had a few friends really stress about expressing when they are comparing amounts different people express causing them to really worry about supply. I have tried to reassure them that it is no indication of supply but not sure how helpful knowing how much some others can express is, I'm sure you will be stressing this in your talk though.

WishIWasRimaHorton Thu 07-Jul-11 22:14:20

i used to get 9 - 10oz per boob when i exclusively expressed for DS and similar for DD. but i think i am a jersey-cow-style-lactator... or very good at expressing (which i had to be as i exclusively expressed for DS from 12 weeks till he was 12 months old)

kimberlina Thu 07-Jul-11 22:16:44

I'd get 3-4 oz total if it was an 'extra' session. But I got 8 oz at one go when I was away from DD overnight so I missed a feed.

japhrimel Thu 07-Jul-11 22:17:13

Anything from 15ml to 250ml depending on how regularly I'm expressing and time of day.

DitaVonCheese Thu 07-Jul-11 22:19:37

Thanks for the replies. Internet seems to think that there is only 1 ml difference between US and UK fl oz in which case kellymom sounds way off confused

DuelingFanjo Thu 07-Jul-11 22:22:50

Not sure about the averages but I have just started expressing again (DS is 6 months) and am getting about 60 - 70 ml, though I could probably get more but I am worried about emptying my boobs completely.

When I was pumping in hospital after the birth and DS was in Neo-natal I was getting 130 ml at night - basically filling the bottle they gave me - and usually around 100ml during the day. I was pumping every three hours and not getting much opportunity to feed him myself. I don't know what that is in ounces though.

louismummy Thu 07-Jul-11 22:40:01

When I expressed in the a.m. I easily got 8oz, hth

FloweryBoots Thu 07-Jul-11 22:58:52

Never got much, think my boobs are not very pumpable! When I expressed as an 'extra' session regularly I got about 3oz (in total). Haven't done it reguarlyl for a while adn trying to build up a stock again and getting about 1.5 - 2oz in total, but it's starting to increase gradually, a little. If I'm expressing a missed feed I usually get 4 -5oz.

My sister expressed every day till her daughter was 1 to donate and said she only ever got about 2oz in total.

DitaVonCheese Thu 07-Jul-11 23:00:33

Thanks again!

Answer seems to be "it varies massively" which was what googling had suggested but I thought using US sites (ie where exclusive pumping is more common) might be skewing the answers I was getting. So I think I will have to say Kellymom says X, mums report X, all variations are normal and yes smile no indication of supply. (I will be saying something about it being affected by whether pumping on top of or instead of nursing, hormonal changes, time of day, etc).

(Dueling oz confuse me too blush)

Hopefully Fri 08-Jul-11 08:37:35

envy at 5+oz per session! I can get an absolute maximum of 2.5 oz per session, assuming DS hasn't fed for an hour or more. And that's when I'm in a pumping routine! If I'm not in a routine it's more like 0.5oz (this is from both sides).

I'd never make a dairy cow...

Justtrying Fri 08-Jul-11 08:59:34

I started expressing at 2 weeks as bf wasn't working, at first i only got about an ounce,but after a couple of days was up to 3-5ozs a time thats expressing 6-8 times a day including overnight. I'm now trying to transition to formula so not pumping for as long, 10-15mins instead of 30mins. But still get 3-4ozs if i've left it 3-4 hours between sessions.

fraktious Fri 08-Jul-11 08:59:51

DS is 2,5 months. If he sleeps though I can get 4oz+ of the boob he doesn't feed from in the morning. If I express at any random point I can get 40-60ml combined. That's without very regular expressing.

Left is better than right for me. I think it's normal to have a good pumper and a less good pumper.

MedicalEd Fri 08-Jul-11 09:00:24

I try and pump at the same time every morning, about an hour after last bf.
I get anything from 80ml to 200ml. I guess it depends on how DD has fed (I get loads off the second side if she wasn't on there for long).
Also if I've had a good night's sleep I seem to get more.
I could never get very much at all until I started pumping at the same time. I guess your body just thinks the baby is having another feed at that time.
Also I get different results with different pumps.

DitaVonCheese Fri 08-Jul-11 09:52:29

Hopefully I had a huge oversupply - I had to wear breast pads until DD was 14 months - but I couldn't express for toffee. Think last time I tried I got about 40 ml. Meh!

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