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Starting to feel like I want to stop bf but have the guilts

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redandyellowandpinkandgreen Wed 06-Jul-11 20:34:05

DS is nearly 8 months and has only ever been bf but obviously now has some solids too. I am starting to feel a bit trapped by it which I never did before, I think it's the thought of returning to work more than anything, I'm going back in September. I get bitten and pinched quite a bit now but I wonder if this is a phase that will pass? I am also getting fed up with worrying about having a drink, having to plan what I'm wearing to feed, being the only one who can feed etc. I'm really sorry if these reasons seem selfish or petty. I have been fine all the way up to now so I wonder if these feelings will pass. Oh and I have HUGE boobs that I would like to shrink a bit.

I hate expressing, I just feel like a machine when I'm doing it so that is putting me off feeding when I return to work. Also my job involves some travel and it will be a bit limiting to express in the day, although not impossible and my manager is supportive. I plan to feed to a year and then gradually stop. I am also worrying now that it will be hard to wean DS off the breast when he gets to 12 months and whether it would be better to start now as I definitely want to stop around the 12 month mark.

I apologise for the moan, I have loved feeding up until now really and it's definitely the return to work and the thought of stopping that are making me worry. Has anyone got any sage advice?

shuckleberryfinn Wed 06-Jul-11 20:44:28

You could not express and just feed outside of work maybe? I mean if you are comfortable with that?

Or if you feel like you want to stop you can do that. You've done so much for your baby and he's had far more BM than the majority do. Well done.

I'm sure someone more knowlegeable will be along soon.

kimberlina Wed 06-Jul-11 21:34:31

How often does your DS feed? I was feeling very much like you just a month ago (DD 8.5mo now), but now we are down to 3 feeds a day which seems much more manageable. I think if she was a baby still wanting 6-8 feeds a day then I would have definitely stopped.

There is really no shame or guilt needed for stopping now if that's what you want, but if your son is starting to reduce feeds maybe give it another month and you may feel like me.

I'm stopping at 11 months (well I might keep the bedtime feed just for another month or so) and moving onto cows milk as I too don't fancy expressing at work. I do give the odd oz of cows milk here and there now to try and aid the transition.

I'm with you on the big boobs (mine aren't huge but they are usually tiny and they feel so uncomfy and heavy - I can't bear being without a bra) and am really looking forward to them getting smaller.

And snap on the expressing front - I really feel like a milking cow. It is definitely a chore.

I think really you do what is right for you. Just wanted to lend my sympathy cos I feel very similar grin

Graciescotland Wed 06-Jul-11 21:53:00

I agree with Kimberlina that things can change very quickly at this age. My DS is 10.5 and is pretty happy just to have food and water during the day when we're out. Huge change from eight months when he was pretty much ebf with some food to three meals and a snack with a breastfeed morning and night.

redandyellowandpinkandgreen Wed 06-Jul-11 22:22:58

I guess he feeds about 4/5 times a day so not loads but still restrictive. Thank you for the supportive words.

I guess I will keep going one more month and see how I feel then. I don't mind the idea of him having formula at nursery but I will only be working three days and wasn't sure about the hassle of making up formula myself on my days off but I guess by then it might only be one bottle a day so not a huge issue. Or maybe I'll get some now and try the odd bottle now and again to give myself a break and see how he takes to it.

I've already told work I'll be feeding when I go back but it would seem easier for me not to.

I wish I could make decisions!

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