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Can I re-chill EBM?

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Penguindreams Wed 06-Jul-11 10:40:56

I'm flying over to Luxembourg for a day next week. The H and son are coming with me, and my H will be feeding him EBM whilst I'm at work. I doubt I'll express enough in the morning for the whole day so was looking to take some EBM out with me.

If I take some cold milk out of the fridge and transport it in an insulated (but not chilled) bottle carrier, will it be ok then to put it back in the fridge once we arrive at the hotel and use it the next day? I guess in total it will have been out of the fridge for about 5-6 hours by the time we arrive so it will have warmed up.

Thanks to anyone who knows!

cocoachannel Wed 06-Jul-11 11:16:15

Personally, I trust the sniff and taste test and check to see whether my milk has turned at all, then rechill if it's okay. Having said that my milk seems to turn VERY quickly and DD will soon turn her nose up even if it smells okay to me but not to her. This can be within the 2 hours, which often people say is the maximum BM should be left out of the fridge (not sure of the source for that).

Can you have a trial run over the next day or so, to see how long your milk lasts in the bottle carrier?

As ever, Kellymom has some great info:

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