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Does one night make a difference?

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peedieworky Wed 06-Jul-11 06:57:20

Hi, my 6 week old is BF with one bottle EBM daily. He usually has a nighttime pattern of 7pm-530am feed from me, bottle 11pm-ish, feed 3ish and that takes him through till morning. Last night he woke at 9pm and took very quick feed from me then bottle 1.30am and slept right through. Am sure is a one off but worried it will affect my supply - esp if it continues. I don't fancy expressing through the night if happens again as defeats whole point of husband doing feed to let me sleep!

1Catherine1 Wed 06-Jul-11 07:10:19

No, one night is hardly going to effect your supply. I´ve been on holiday for a week now with DD feeding a lot more due to the heat and only now my boobs are filling up faster.

Worth noting though that his extra feed at that time might continue for a week as he could be having his 6 week growth spurt. I used to express for time off up to 6 weeks but during the growth spurt I lost the will to as my boobs needed a break. Then I got good at BF and expressing became a faff so I haven´t bothered again since.

better go.. DD is wanting her fave boob!

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Wed 06-Jul-11 07:22:54

Oh, congratulations on what sounds like a decent night's sleep!

If it does continue, he'll probably start eating more during the day to make up for it, so your supply will stay up. 6 weeks of continuous feeding means your supply is well on the way to being established anyway, those first 6 weeks are really critical, so you've now got a bit of room to manouevre with if that makes sense.

If you do notice a drop, you can always express a bit more during the day, which is when I assume you're expressing the 1am bottle, but I bet you won't need to.

peedieworky Wed 06-Jul-11 07:46:43

Phew! Yes - I feel like a new woman (after the initial "Oh my God - is he still breathing?!?" type panic). Survived the growth spurt last week feeding hourly (minimum!) day and night - he put on 1lb in a week! I swear I was feeding him one morning after many overnight feeds and he looked bigger than when I'd put him to bed!!

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