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Only one boob working

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negrilbaby Mon 04-Jul-11 22:51:57

DD is just over a year and has breastfed well since birth. She still feeds 3 or 4 times over night and the same during the day. My problem is that my right breast seems to have completly given up. I let her suckle from it but I get no noticeable let down. This means that coming up to feeding time I completely lop-sided: my right breast is almost flat but the left is a solid C/D cup. I'm feeling really embarrased about this and it totally effects what I can wear during the day.
Does anyone have any advice on how to restore the milk to the right side?

LeninGrad Mon 04-Jul-11 23:17:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheMitfordsMaid Mon 04-Jul-11 23:19:30

I only ever feed from my left, and it has worked perfectly well with help from the right! The only time I fed from both sides was when I tandem fed both my sons for around 3 months or so.

TheMitfordsMaid Mon 04-Jul-11 23:21:30

I meant without help from the right...

Pesephone Tue 05-Jul-11 07:25:07

Feeding from one breast is indeed absolutely fine, and very managable. But if you want to bring back the milk in it then the way to go is to get her to suckle, if she stimulates it enough the milk should come back. smile if not you could allways try wearing achicken fillet in that side to ballance them out.

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