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Help with cracked nipple

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Incapinka Mon 04-Jul-11 19:57:27

Hey everyone

Hope someone can help. Following a nasty bout of thrush which got into the ducts (think this has all gone now - phew) i have an annoying couple of cracks on my left nipple. The boy just doesnt seem to latch on so well that side and it just takes one slip for it to reopen. I tried expressing earlier for the first time with an electric pump and this seemed to not cause as much pain - will this help do yuo think if i do this once a day?

I want my left side to be like my right!

Thank you in advance


JollySergeantJackrum Mon 04-Jul-11 20:01:40

Sorry I can't help OP, but I'm Watching with interest as i have a scary looking, very painful crack on my right nipple.
Hope someone can help.

LaCiccolina Mon 04-Jul-11 20:17:18

Hey, best things I used for cracked nipples were nipple shields from Phillips Avent which were under a fiver for a pack of 2 or so.... If you keep them sterile you can just use as and when it suits. Don't worry about it interfering with the suck as if you only use a little to help you heal it will be fine. I found there was always one feed that was the worst for setting the pain off.....

Also lasinoah cream is available on the NHS! A friend of mine asked for a prescription and got it. (Also calpol and bonjella comes via drs too.....)

I paid a tenner so def mention if you think you might want lots. I've had one tube for 6mths tho so its not bad value. Now use it as a lip salve...only ones my friends wont nick. ;0)

Hope any of this helps. Expect other answers soon...! Best of luck and don't let it get you down too much as it does heal relatively quickly usually.

LaCiccolina Mon 04-Jul-11 20:18:45

Re expressing, yes this can help too so keep at that if you really cannot face the mouth...

Incapinka Mon 04-Jul-11 20:31:24

Thanks for the help - didnt know you could get Lansinoh on the NHS. That stuff is AMAZING. I smother it on both before and after feeding and it seems to help.

Had been trying to avoid using shields but maybe this would actually be a good idea... And thanks for the advice re expressing. I didnt want to do more damage but also wanted to see whether he would happily take a bottle (and he did - hoorah!) and wanted to give the poor left side a bit of a break.

Fingers crossed it will get there!

Limelight Mon 04-Jul-11 20:47:51

I'm sure lots of people will disagree with me here but nevertheless...

I had this problem so gave the offending nipple the day off! Basically DD fed from the other side for almost 24 hours and I expressed and expressed and expressed from my sore boob to keep the supply up.

It's a bit of a commitment but it basically solved the problem. It didn't completely heal but it was certainly a lot better and was completely fine within a few days.

HumptyDumpty1 Mon 04-Jul-11 22:04:07

I expressed for a week off the cracked nipple of one side completely and gave DD the bottle stuff, didn't use cream and was completely healed v quickly smile

HumptyDumpty1 Mon 04-Jul-11 22:05:58

*bottled - as in the expressed BM....typing while distracted is never a good idea!

Incapinka Tue 05-Jul-11 08:41:39

Thanks for the advice. Were you hand expressing or using an electric pump? I don't want to do more damage...

HumptyDumpty1 Tue 05-Jul-11 14:47:15

Electric - the medela swing one. Well worth the money if you haven't got one, I can get 4oz in about 5 mins lol. Got it cheaper from (sorry no link don't know how to on an iPhone!)

crikeybadger Tue 05-Jul-11 15:00:10

Jelonet comes highly recommended from this board, though I've never used it myself.

It's a gauze like dressing available from the pharmacy.

You could try feeding in another position as well- rugby hold for eg.

Incapinka Tue 05-Jul-11 17:48:42

Tried different positions and all goes well until he decides to yank himself off it which reopens the crack (happened again this morning dammit!). Have just purchased the Medela Swing and used for the first time yesterday afternoon and the good chap took his first bottle without any fuss so will just use that for the next day or so on the bad side. Its good too as the DH can get involved too.

I did pop into Boots today and asked for Jelonet. Think it blew the old dears mind but will have a look online for some as they didnt have any or will phone the health visitor and see whether she can get me some.

Really appreciative of all the advice. Just hope one day my left side will be as good as my right (really scared that the right one will deteriorate!)

Thank you!

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