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baby refusing BF ..Help!!

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sam26oscar Sun 03-Jul-11 21:04:46

Hi, my DD is 18 weeks and is currently BF. She has one bottle of formula at bedtime and has done for the past 5/6 weeks. Today, out of the blue she refused to feed from me, and got quite distressed when laid down to attempt it. Of couse, being about 26 degrees to day i was really concerned about dehydration, i offered water which she pretty much gagged on, then offered a BF again, but refused, in desperation, after being without any kind of fluids for over 6 hrs i gave her a bottle of formula which she drained. I then offered her BF when we got home and she was still half asleep and she fed for 25 mins, normally we're done and dusted in about 10!! After her bath instead of a bottle i offered a B|F which after much reluctance and interestingly once my milk had let down she was fine. My question/problem is how can i make my milk let down quicker or if anyone else has had this how did they resolve it!! Sorry for long post, but i realised this afternoon when DD drained the bottle i really don't want to give up BF yet and i was very upset at the thought of it. I really didn't think i would be that bothered by giving it up but obviously i am!!! Any advice would be appreciated smile

RitaMorgan Sun 03-Jul-11 21:08:20

I would stop the bottle. Around this age some babies can come to prefer the bottle as it is quicker/less work - if you want to continue breastfeeding I'd stop doing any bottles until she is feeding well again. Keep feeding her when she is sleepy or in her sleep if that is working better for now.

sam26oscar Sun 03-Jul-11 21:27:42

ritamorgan thank you, at least its not too personal then!! i only used to give her a bottle at bedtime, but didn't offer it tonight and she did eventually take the breast once the milk came down.

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