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Advice about formula

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linziluv Sun 03-Jul-11 08:55:47

I have a 5 week DD who I breastfed for 3 weeks, then due to some personal problems had to stop. I started her on SMA gold but she's so hungry I've switched to white.
In the night she becomes very upset with what looks like wind/trying to poo, and sometimes in the day too. I'd noticed this when she started on formula but hadn't thought about it being the brand of formula until now.
Has anyone else had problems with SMA? Is there a better brand? Or are they all the same thing?

Another question on my mind is is it possible to start breastfeeding again after a break? It's been 2 weeks since i stopped and i'm really regretting it.


Justtrying Sun 03-Jul-11 09:00:40

linzi i too have introduced formula, but still expressing breast milk too, but aim to reduce that over next few weeks. We've had problems with sma, constipation, DD didn't go for 3 days until we had poonami yesterday teatime. I've done a bit of reading, and it seems sma is known to cause constipation so i've switched to aptimal, DD has only had one bottle so far so can't comment yet though. As for the breast feeding i'm sure someone more knowledgable will be along soon. Hugs and support to you.

tiktok Sun 03-Jul-11 09:03:57

linziluv - sorry to hear about your difficult first few weeks.

SMA White is not usually recommended for young babies. The protein in it is harder to digest - which is why it is supposed to keep babies from feeding often - and some babies do seem to react in this way. Your HV would prob confirm this and suggest strongly you choose a different formula while your baby is young. There is not much difference between brands but formulations (stage 1, ie Gold, stage 2, ie White ) do differ,

Yes, it is certainly possible to start breastfeeding again. Search 'relactation' on mumsnet boards or the web. You have stopped for 2 weeks - a rule of thumb is that it would take 2 weeks for your supply to be built up once more. Start by simply putting your baby to the breast and going for it smile

linziluv Sun 03-Jul-11 11:29:02

Thanks for replies...I don't think constipation is the problem tbh...she goes everyday and is soft.
When breastfeeding she was constantly feeding, the only time she would cry was when she was hungry...super easy until's really since I introduced SMA. She just won't settle. She wants food, then she doesn't, then cries for a min, then wants food lasts about 30 mins. I'm using infacol which seems to work when I actually remember to give it!
I feel awful as she never had any digestive problems when I breastfed her sad

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