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Oversupply/Mastitis/Colicky Baby?

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midori1999 Sat 02-Jul-11 16:58:39

Me again, sorry... blush

My baby girl is 12 days old today. I have had problems with over supply/engorgement since my milk came in on day 3/4, especially in my left breast. This meant milk dripping all over me and baby as she tried to latch on and it was really putting her off feeding from that side. I was also getting extremely engorged and my left breast was quite painful, especially in one area.

On Monday (she was 7 days old) I spoke to my midwife as I was getting flu like symptoms and she suspected mastitis and made a GP appointment for me. I also spoke to a lactation consultant from La Leche League who suggested block feeding to help reduce supply slightly. GP was useless, said I was fine and sent me away.

Saw a different GP on Weds who diagnosed mastitis and prescribed co-amoxiclav, which she says are fine when breastfeeding. I noticed an improvement in 24 hours and my supply seemed to have evened out (no more dripping/squirting everywhere when trying to latch) so I started feeding from alternate breasts each feed.

Mostly one side is enough for my daughter at each feed, although she'll occasionally take the second side too. I try and stick to one side per feed if I can as I still have loads of milk and don't want it to increase further. She can take a while/a few goes to get latched on as the milk flow is very fast at first still and it puts her off a bit. She is gaining weight well (had gained 310g from day 3 to day 10) so I am not worried about that.

She is very colicky though, especially in the afternoons. I am trying Infacol at the midwife's suggestion but it doesn't seem to make much difference. I am assuming it's due to the fast milk flow? I am reluctant to block feed further in case I keep getting the mastitis as I felt dreadfully ill and am looking after baby on my own (DH living away atm )other than the colic we can cope with the milk supply/flow.

Has anyone got any suggestions at all? Any products to try or any feeding positions that may help? (we have tried laying back to feed but it although I have latched her on a few times like this, it doesn't work very well for us. I also have very large breasts (38H at the moment) which doesn't make life any easier, we mostly cradle or rugby hold)

Thanks, sorry it's so long.

japhrimel Sat 02-Jul-11 20:10:56

Try latching her on sitting ina achair or sofa, then leaning back against cushions - you don't have to be lying flat for it to help.

sc2987 Sat 02-Jul-11 20:54:21

Has she been checked for tongue tie (including posterior, which is often missed)? This can cause these problems (and many others!).

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