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Babys weight gain - too much?!!?

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Beccaroll Thu 09-Oct-03 21:30:30


Baby Harvey will be 5 weeks on Sunday - fully breastfeed apart from the odd bottle of EBM or ocassionally formula every couple of days.

He was 8lb7oz when he was born and at his 4 week weigh in was 11lb 15oz - he has put on a pound a week for the last 3 weeks.

This made me happy, very proud that I had done it (breastfeeding) and put my mind at rest over my worries of milk quality

The last few days I have had LOTS of comments when they ask me how much he weighs and say I must be overfeeding him or they say things about him being big but in a bad way IYKWIM

Just wanted to check that this isnt the case!

He is long and doesnt look too fat at all - he has cute chubby cheeks and a little double chin and is gorgeous (not biased honest)

Just needing a little reassurance as today I have had one too many comment like this and the old hormones are making me wonder LOL

aloha Thu 09-Oct-03 21:41:47

Who's commenting? Do ignore them. Be proud of yourself and your lovely chubby baby. He's only five weeks old for heavens sake! Enjoy his chubby little chops. My ds is a chubby one and I do think it looks adorable.

ninja Thu 09-Oct-03 21:42:37

Hi Beccaroll - I had a friend who had a baby just like this, some people will tell you that it's a problem but don't believe them. Hers is now 22 weeks and over 22 pounds, has been to a dietician who said that it was lovely to see a babywith some meat on them. Is he long too? You should be proud of feeding him so well, he sounds gorgeous

Beccaroll Thu 09-Oct-03 21:48:36

Various people have commented - today I went to a mother and baby group and a few people mentioned it when asking how old he was. A few of my friends/family say things although Im sure they dont mean harm by it (I hope!) A friend I chat to online even said something along the lines of calling him a little chubster and saying are you sure hes not getting too much! Most people who see him say "my look at the size of him - what are you feeding him!"

Emjay Thu 09-Oct-03 22:14:25

Honestly, I've had the same thing said to me quite a bit too and you start to question whether you really are doing something wrong - especially when you mix feed later down the track. It hurts when some of your family says it especially when DS's cousin looks skinny and like she needs a good feed!!

My DS was born 8lb 8oz at 54 cm long & has always been in the "higher" percentile for weight, length & head circumference for past 6 months. I exclusively breastfed for 3 months and now mix feed, and DS was always the same. Hubby and I are on the tall side, so I don't worry too much and DS is quite energetic and active (can't wait for crawling/walking!). I also keep checking with health nurses and they say DS is fine.

Like yours, my DS has got beautiful chubby cheeks, a tiny double chin, a happy glow, but is not bulky or chunky. He's cute and loves his food, in fact he doesn't consume "too much" at all and gets cranky if I cut an ounce of milk back from a feed (something I stupidly tried out when I felt really depressed and believed everyone's 'fat' comments).DS soon told me otherwise I can tell you!

Try not to be taken in by these negative comments in this case, you're his mother and honestly you are in the position to know best. I'm sure if he was overweight you, like me, would know the difference.

Enjoy your gorgeous little man and kiss those little chubby cheeks as much as you can :0.

KMS Thu 09-Oct-03 22:24:05

Beccaroll- my first son was born weighing 8lb 10oz, he was fully breastfed and also put on 1lb plus per week. at 6 weeks he was 14lb. he is now 5yrs and is slim and healthy. His weight gain is normal and you should be proud of your "gold top" milk! You CAN NOT over feed a baby on breastmilk. the weight gain will level off at some point and he has good stores for when he gets a cold or something and doesn't feed as well that week.


Nome Thu 09-Oct-03 22:55:54

My ds was 8lb 10oz at birth and gained a pound a week for ages. He's now about 25lb and nine months - the gain does slow down - your ds is just finding the level that is right for him. Ignore silly comments about his weight - you are producing gold top milk and have a beautiful, healthy baby, not a Skinny Malinki. Well done you.

LIZS Fri 10-Oct-03 08:10:54

There is just no pleasing some people. You have every right to feel proud of yourself and your baby. Next time someone comments say "yes and it's all my own work !"

You are doing fine.

danishpastry Fri 10-Oct-03 09:08:33

Beccaroll, I can only agree with everyone else here. My DS gained approx a pound a week for the first many weeks but at 11-12 weeks it started to slow down. He is also very long and doesn't look fat - just healthy.
I have had many of the same comments and it did hurt and make me worry at first, but my HV kept reassuring me that it was all fine and now I'm just proud that I have a happy, healthy boy and it's all down to my milk.
So please don't worry!!

bunnyrabbit Fri 10-Oct-03 20:17:24

I think it's brilliant that he's gaining waight so well. Ignore what people say, I would give anything for DS to have consistant waight gain like this.

I also have a friend whose baby is now 1 year old and has always been beautifully chunky. He has had pneumonia twice. If he hadn't been so 'healthy', he may not have made it through.....


Ness73 Fri 10-Oct-03 20:59:57

Congrats on you! Harvey sounds completely and utterly normal and obviously a very healthy little boy. I had a similar situation with my DD - she was bfed and put on similar amounts of weight in the early days. I remember friends saying things like 'how BIG is she?' which I thought was pretty silly considering she was never above somewhere near the middle of the weights charts. It's kind of annoying when, as a new mum, you have enough to worry about. Forget about it and feel proud of how you're helping your baby thrive.

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