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Dd has tongue tie

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TabithaTwitchet Fri 01-Jul-11 10:57:30

Have been having problems with 3 week old DD gaining weight slowly - have been giving her regular top ups of expressed breast milk.

I read something someone linked to on here about tongue tie and it rang some bells - asked the midwife and she had a look and saw DD's tongue is a bit heart shaped when she cries, and agreed it would probably be tongue tie.

Have an appointment next week with doctor - hoping he will snip it.
I'm guessing lots of people have been through this? Midwife said some drs are reluctant to snip it - does anyone have any links to evidence to persuade him that it is the right thing to do? (It IS the right thing to do, isn't it?)

I'm hoping that when it is snipped it will be the end of all our breastfeeding problems...pumping and cleaning bottles, worrying constantly if she is getting enough, sore nipples...DD has a good latch but slips off easily so I have to sit in uncomfortable positions to feed her, plus she slipped off last night and now I have a scab sad Is snipping the tongue tie likely to solve all this or am I clutching at straws?

thisisyesterday Fri 01-Jul-11 11:01:25

your GP is unlikely to snip it himself. he will probably refer you to a place where they do it.
in fact, the midwife couled have done that herself, but not to wrory!

the snip worked wonders for us! ds2 didn't even wake up. we needed a bit of help after with some positioning problems but i think that's because i was so used to having to keep him on and hold my boob that i was over-doing it even once it had been snipped,

so worth making contact witha local bfc if you have one

Mollcat Fri 01-Jul-11 11:18:49

Tabitha - google the NICE guidelines on tongue tie and take them along. I was in agony BFing and gave up at 3 weeks, mix fed EBM and formula, but couldn't draw a line under BFing. Finally got in touch with a IBCLC on Monday, TT snipped privately on Wed, first ever "proper" BF immediately afterwards. Baby is 6.5 weeks.

However, yesterday was tough, damaged my nipples again as baby struggling with sore tongue (less of an issue for a younger baby I'm told), and I was so so low again (spent most of yesterday evening sobbing). But this morning we've been BFing again and not too much damage. For some people it is instant, for most I think it takes a few days to see the full effects. There may be other issues e.g. for me, baby was malpositioned so we are off to see an osteopath for some treatment. You are not clutching at straws but it may not be a magic wand.

I can PM you details of the LC, cost etc if you want it done quickly, she is brilliant.

Best of luck.

peedieworky Fri 01-Jul-11 13:04:20

We had to push to get our DS TT snipped but felt it was the right decision, rather than going for the "wait and see if it affects his speech" approach. It was done when he was 6 days old and he didn't even flinch when the nurse did it - in fact it was me who cried (I blame the hormones!) - though he wasn't keen on the general poking around in his mouth. His weight gain picked up after it was sorted and I no longer had lipstick shaped, cracked nipples!

Mollcat Fri 01-Jul-11 13:35:40

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