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Bottle feeding-when to change teats?

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sarahloula Thu 30-Jun-11 15:16:52

My DD is nearly 3 months old. I have been bottle feeding her with Tommee Tippee bottles and stage 1, slow flow teats. I know stage 1 teats are recommended for 0-3 months but my DD still seems to get on fine with them. Is it best to change over to stage 2 at 3 months? Also there seems to be different varieties of stage 2 teats, how do I know which ones to go for? Any advice gratefully received.

4madboys Thu 30-Jun-11 15:21:36

i just tried them when my daughter was talking larger amount of milk and it was taking ages, you will know if she cant cope with the flow as the milk will dribble out of her mouth and she will cough/choke/splutter, just have another sterilised teat to hand in her usual size so you can swop if need be.

fwiw when i changed my dd to the faster flow teats she had a few days where when she was feeding she would be fine but stop and pull off the bottle to catch her breath and then go back on again happily. she seemed happy so i carried on with the faster flow and within a few days she had got accustomed to the faster flow and was fine smile

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