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Help me get it right this time

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camdancer Wed 29-Jun-11 19:12:17

DD2 is 3 weeks. With DS and DD1 they both bf for 11 and 12 months but both had reflux. DS was a happy spitter, DD1 was on ranitidine for 10 months. And now it's starting again with DD2. She wants to be on the boob almost constantly. Generally she'll fall asleep while feeding. Then wakes up in pain. As soon as I put her upright from a feed she'll either posset or you can hear her tummy gurgling.

So what can I do to make her happier? I have tried a dummy but then I never can tell if she wants a feed or just to suck. Do I limit the number of feeds? Do I feed her constantly? Should I try to cut out things from my diet? If so, what? Should I go to the doctor and get medicine? Basically how can I do this right and not make her in pain all the time?

Pesephone Wed 29-Jun-11 19:49:21

I had 2 very spewey babies and with both what really helped was a sling. I found that just as you describe after a feed if I so much as moved they'd regurgitate the feed I often heard it sloshing arround esp with DD. I found by staying sat in the same posistion for a good 20 mins after the feed helped as did wearing them in a sling. It enabled me to get arround/on with stuff and keep the baby in the same semi reclined posistion and so long as I didn't bend down or make sudden movements the milk stayed inside more often than not.
I did try a dummy with ds1 but I can't say it helped much and there is a lot to be said for comfort sucking its important to young babies and it helps your supply. Neither of mine had discomfort though it was as they say a laundry issue. A bouncy seat was usefull too with ds1 but I found once I had an older child as well as a baby that it became just a hazard. ie the toddler just tried to sit on the baby inorder to have a turn. ahem.
I Never tried eliminating foods mainly because there was no discomfort for iether of them. I also just fed to sleep/as much as long as desired. I don't think limiting feeds is helpfull.
I noticed there are reflux support threads on here perhaps they have more experience with the problem reflux cases.

camdancer Thu 30-Jun-11 07:43:54

Thanks pesephone. I'm going to try using the sling more - although it is hard n this heat.

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