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Giving babies water - conflicting advice

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Cheria Wed 29-Jun-11 11:43:22

DD is just over 3 months old, formula fed. All the books I have say not to give a baby water except a little in hot weather, as they get everything they need from the milk. I ask the GP about this and he says she should be getting lots of water in between feeds, as it will help with her bowel movements (only once a day, but she isn't constipated so I don't see why he is worried about them).

So, a little, in hot weather (and how much is a little)? Or a lot in general? So far when it has been over 28 I have given her 10ml a couple of times, after feeds.

Can anyone help?

Lulumama Wed 29-Jun-11 11:48:04

when you make up the formula correctly according to the instructions, it is food & drink, so you are correct, that unless it is v v hot, you don't need to give water in addition

also, if you give water, your baby;s tummy will be filled, but witout any calories..

as you say yourself, she's not constipated, so it's not needed on taht account either

milk alone is enough

Yesmynameis Wed 29-Jun-11 11:56:46

It's ok to give a formula fed baby small amounts of water between feeds, especially in hot weather.

BF babies don't usually need water as the composition of breast milk changes to allow for adequate hydration in hot weather.

If you're getting plenty of wet nappies and your baby isn't constipated I think stick to what you're doing. I would say 'lots of water' is bad advice.

Cheria Wed 29-Jun-11 12:07:39

Thanks - I should add the same GP tells me she is overweight and I should cut down the amount I feed her. I feed her on demand, following the weight guidelines given on the instructions. She was a big girl at birth and I didn't appreciate being told she pretty much needed to go on a diet. This is why I didn't trust his advice on water and decided to come here. Thanks to both.

Yesmynameis, when you say small amounts, do you mean an ounce, something like that? We have had very very hot weather here this week - 35+, though it has cooled down nicely today.

trixie123 Wed 29-Jun-11 12:47:13

Small amounts, like an ounce will be nice to freshen the mouth if nothing else. I give DD a little if she has vomited just to clean the taste out. She does do very different poos depending on how much FF vs BM she has had (I mix feed) but also only once a day usually.

RitaMorgan Wed 29-Jun-11 14:26:16

I'd see a different GP.

10ml in between feeds just to wet her mouth (if you think it's necessary) seems ok to me.

Cheria Wed 29-Jun-11 14:39:36

I won't be taking her to him again - she normally sees her paediatrician but I took her along on one of my GP apopintments and asked a few questions... the same guy had repeated goes at me during pregnancy about getting too fat (which I ignored) so it seems it is one of his bugbears.

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