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How am I going to feed ds - ladies I need your thoughts! (long)

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Pootle78 Wed 29-Jun-11 00:19:08

Hello ladies, I need some help, this is quite long - sorry - have given some background so that hopefully you'll understand where I am coming from!


DS is 21 weeks, we had real problems at the beginning with bf so I have expressed since day 3. When he was 4 weeks old, I managed to get him back on and feeding quite well, but then we ended up in hospital for something completely different and the bf went to pot and he never ever settled so continued to express (3 ebm and 2 ff bottles a day). Once he gets to 6 months I have decided to send back the pump I am hiring from NCT so have been looking at my options. At 19 weeks, I managed to get ds to latch back on so I give him his breakfast now [bloody proud emotion!] and things have been going really well and some times in the afternoon, depending on the time of his feed I give him his tea as well!

Feeding is a little unconventional to say the least, lying on my bed, my top off, my bra off and ds laying on top of me in a kind of biological nurturing thing! I have tried the conventional methods and he has bit me on 3 occasions (tooth came through on father's day) so my unconventional feeding works for us.

So hear lies the problem

Thoughts on this one

On Thursday I am driving to Plymouth with dh and ds. We are leaving at 5am and it's about a 4 hour drive, so is far too early to give him breakfast ( he normally sleeps 8 - 10 hours and doesn't normally wake til 8.30/9 grin ) fingers crossed he will sleep in the car.

When we get to Plymouth dh has a meeting at 10am and I am going to need to feed him. So my dilemma, how on earth will I feed him, without flashing all and sundry to the Devonian public. Feeding takes about 30 minutes, so there is every chance dh will need to leave me half way through to get to his meeting. He has suggested I give a bottle (I'll have an expressed feed with me from the previous night) however, if I do this, will need access to an electric point as will need to express instead.

Initially I thought a blanket and the back seat of the car, but if dh isn't there I wouldn't want to be trying to feed worrying if people walk pass the car etc

Are there any bf rooms, sure start centres or anything else anyone can think of that could help me sort out my little dilemma?

Sorry it's long and probably quite tedious for some people, but I am really worried how he will get his brekkie on Thursday!


straightoutofthebottomdrawer Wed 29-Jun-11 00:45:41

If you can find the right sort of place to park where you're comfortable then the car is probably your best bet tbh.

You'd probably want to be facing into a corner parking space against a blank wall (not an office with windows) and with something on a hangar hanging from the back passenger side hook on the side where people can walk past. And something nice on the radio!

ifitsnotanarse Wed 29-Jun-11 00:58:12

You could also try a hand pump. They are easy to use and I found it better than an electric pump (felt like a cow in an industrial barn grin). I have the Avent pump which I bought in my local (ruralish) chemist.

Congratulations to getting your LO to latch and fair play to you for continuing EBF for so long. smile

winnybella Wed 29-Jun-11 01:05:48

I don't see a problem with feeding in the car tbh. You can cover your other breast with a blanket if you're worried about people seeing it, but really, it's the most natural thing in the world, you shouldn't stress about other people's reactions and anyway, most probably, they won't care.

tiktok Wed 29-Jun-11 08:14:40

Great story of persistance, OP smile

How about lying on the back seat of the car, sort of semi-reclining, with a blanket or sheet over the the two of you, with you wearing a baggy tee shirt on top which you can lift right up out of the way, so you won't appear totally nekkid to anyone who can see through the car windows?

KatyN Wed 29-Jun-11 08:26:01

where is DH's meeting? if it's in an office with other rooms, or a disabled toilet you could ask to use it.

I think it would be totally reasonable for him to say he is bringing his wife and young child with him and wondered if they had anywhere she could feed the child. Infact if he was coming for a meeting with me I'd respect him a bit more for being a 'normal human being'!!


Penguindreams Wed 29-Jun-11 09:12:53

The Medela Swing can also operate with batteries, so you wouldn't need an electrical socket.

straightoutofthebottomdrawer Wed 29-Jun-11 10:11:46

I did mean hanger by the way not hangar. Not that something the size of an aircraft hangar wouldn't be quite effective as a privacy screen!

Albrecht Wed 29-Jun-11 10:12:58

Have you tried a vest top where you cut out holes for your breasts? Then baggy top over that to lift up. Atleast that way the rest of your top half will be covered up incase of parking inspectors etc.

Or you could find a shop with nice changing rooms. At that time in the morning I doubt they'd care how long you were in there for. John Lewis or M&S are probably a good bet if you can find one.

sc2987 Wed 29-Jun-11 14:22:19

Shopping centres often have baby feeding rooms in the changing area.

japhrimel Wed 29-Jun-11 21:37:10

You won't be able to lie down in most feeding rooms, or in the public areas of most Childrens Centres IME.

The car and a lightweight blanket sounds like the best bet if you need to feed in that position.

Well done for persevering! FWIW, DD (now 6 months) likes to feed sitting upright on my leg so maybe that's a position to try as it puts them in charge (like bio nurturing, but the baby needs to be able to sit up on you).

Pootle78 Thu 30-Jun-11 06:47:50

THank you for your ideas. Was hoping to go with the car idea but we seem to be packed to the rafters so will be a giant tetris game so I can lay down (how much stuff does a 5 month old need for 4 days away?!)! Have also found out there is a large sainsburys near where we are heading so I'm sure we'll find somewhere!

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