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16 week old still cluster feeding in the evenings?

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sleepysammy Tue 28-Jun-11 16:07:09

Hi, just wondering if this is normal. My DD is still cluster feeding in the evenings usually between 5.00pm til around 9.00pm. I am usually rewarded with a block of 4 hours sleep then so can't complain too much but find it hard to make tea/eat tea or do anything else around this time. She will then feed 2/3 times during the night and feeding every 3 hours(ish) during the day.
I BF DS till around 5 months but was mix feeding so don't think I had this issue. Not sure if this is normal/when will it end!?

NoWittyName Tue 28-Jun-11 19:24:54

Sorry to say that this sounds incredibly normal to me. Can't give you a timeframe but it will get better! xxx

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