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elt37 Tue 28-Jun-11 06:27:18

hi all I could really do with advice after a 10 delay over birth date ended up having a section plus last 8 days in hospital with various other complications ( all ok now ) I have decided prob not to breast feed . my body is done in !!

Has anyone any advice they can give me on what I need and what is the best bottled milk ??

I know breast is best I have being doing it for last week but also my baby is 10lbs 6 and never settles as never full !!!

TanteRose Tue 28-Jun-11 06:38:56

First of all, congratulations! and well done for breastfeeding when it sounds as if you have had a tough few days smile

when you say he never settles, does that mean he won't sleep quietly in a bassinet and cries whenever you put him down? If so, that is NORMAL, and does not necessarity mean he is not full.

Your milk may only have just come in, and obviously if you've made up your mind about using formula, then you should, but just to say, it is still very early days and it is not too late to establish breastfeeding smile

RitaMorgan Tue 28-Jun-11 08:37:36

Formula milk is all more or less the same, so just pick whichever is cheapest or easiest to buy.

The NHS guide to bottle feeding is here

This is the important bit:

"To reduce the risk of infection, make up each
feed as your baby needs it, using boiled water
at a temperature of 70oC or above. Water at
this temperature will kill any harmful bacteria
that may be present."

tiktok Tue 28-Jun-11 09:01:33

elt37 - yep, sounds like a difficult first week sad

If you want to consider your option to bf still, then you can talk to someone about it - bf helplines, midwife, HV....mumsnet smile

Most babies feed often at first, whatever their size, and your baby may have had a difficult start too and need lots of time close to you. You'll need support and care while this is going on, of course, so hope you have an understanding partner around smile

There is no 'best' formula - they all have to comply with regulations on ingredients and differ in only very minor ways.

Hope you get the help you need to make the right choice for you.

LaCiccolina Tue 28-Jun-11 09:31:52

Hello! Congratulations!

I mixed the feeds quite a bit at first myself, maybe try that? I exclusive BF in day then added in formulas at night to help get myself a little rest and gave the DH a chance to feed. DD fed constantly at first, never seeming full, but experience on this board shows newborn just do. Rather a shock though. Made me cry constantly for a few days. I couldn't believe it was natural, now I accept it as completely normal. Some days (hours) are harder than others.

The best advice was what I received on here so keep posting. There's always someone around at all times of day. Also try NCT/LaLeche lines which were both good too.

Re Section, take it slowly. I didnt leave the house for a month. Dont sneeze lying down, hurts like hell. Giggle, dont laugh (ditto). Other than that you just need to stay still for a few days. Fortunately the feeding coincides so it could be worse.

Focus on next feed only. I know it possibly not what you wanted to hear but reorganising my thinking really helped calm me down but you have to keep repeating it to yourself like a mantra. Weeks 2-4 are rather a circus but it gets seriously better after that surprisingly quickly. Before you know it you are at 6 mths and missing those days. I'd never have believed it so early on, but as Im currently feeling that and others here have in past said similar (and yep I was very sceptical too at the time), well, perhaps you might eventually too.....

According to friends that bottle feed and love that option, the only downer is sterilising the bottles, then warming them up when babe wants a feed NOW and doesn't want to wait. Although if thats the only down side you might not worry. Just something to bear in mind if its looking so simple, its not always and several also cried because of the stress of formula in those early days.

Its about the only time in your life 'living in the moment' truly applies Ive found. Finally understand what the silly term means!

Bon chance! Whatever you decide is right. And wobbling about every decision is also normal too judging by these boards..... ;0)

Yesmynameis Tue 28-Jun-11 10:53:21

Hi, congratulations on your baby!!

Sharing some advice from some ff friends I think the brands are all pretty much of a muchness. Maybe taste a few cartons yourself and see what you think! There is an organic one by Hipp Organic if you like organic products.

Just to reiterate about the 70 degrees thing. In practice this means making up each bottle fresh with water that was boiled no more than half an hour ago and then waiting for it to cool to the right temperature before offering the feed.

If the door of bf is still slightly open for you, I just wanted to share as a fellow 10 days overdue and crash c-section mummy, I found it very convenient to hoick baby onto the breast for a feed leaving me able to stay in bed and rest and not have to worry about washing up/sterilising and coming down into the kitchen in the night.

However if you have definately decided ff is for you then good luck and well done on your baby. It sounds like you have had a rough time, make sure you have people waiting on you hand & foot whilst your body recouperates!

wigglesrock Tue 28-Jun-11 11:18:23

I have formula fed 3dds (one now 4 months) and agree all formula is much of a muchness, in fact was on holiday last week and ran out, used a local brand and dd3 didn't even notice! Congratulations, look after yourself.

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