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How many feeds should bf baby have?

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sleepdodger Sun 26-Jun-11 09:05:06

Ds is 12 weeks old and ebf, but still seems to feed alot, he's always been a greedy baby(!) but if we're at home seems to only go max 1hr30 between feeds, despite playing, distractions etc, then will feed for about 15-20 mins
he did go through a period of 30 min feeds and 2hrs but that stopped...
He rarely naps during the day and seems super alert except for after a feed when hi might snooze in my Rms for 5 mins but wakes as soon as put down
he sleeps at night 12-3/4-7/8-9 usually
is this about right?
The other oddity is he was bottle fed expressed milk most of yesterday then I fed him when I got back too& he took a massive 25oz + me in 16 hrs! He did sleep v well tho, 12-430/5-930, so is he not satisfied with a boob or just guzzling cos it's there in a bottle & his daddy would have given him a bottle when crying each time
He's on the 25th centile & gaini g weight, or has beenits been 3 weeks since he's been weighed
thoughts appreciated before I mention to hv who will nodoubt look at me like I'm crazy ...

RitaMorgan Sun 26-Jun-11 09:13:19

Babies do tend to drink more from a bottle than they really need, because they can't control the flow of milk - you can't comfort suck on a bottle like you can on a breast, and the flow is constant unlike with breastfeeding.

I think at 12 weeks mine probably had about 8-9 feeds a day, though that was with sleeping a long stretch at night. By 18 weeks his sleep had gone haywire and he was feeding every hour or two in the night as well - then it settled down again to about 8 feeds a day until he was on solids and started dropping them. In the early weeks he was easily getting in 15 feeds some days grin

I would really work on the naps though - small babies need lots of sleep and he might be feeding lots because he is overtired. Will he sleep in the sling or pram at all?

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