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Tingling, aching in breast - due to dropping a feed?

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SilverSky Sat 25-Jun-11 13:02:28

Hello all,

Looking for some advice from those that know ie you !!

I've an 8mo who I bf. Currently 3-4 feeds a day. However the mid am & pm feeds have been bit trying as he's not taking much and spends most of the feed looking around!

As a result since Tues he's not had a mud pm feed and on Thurs eve I started getting a tingling pain in my right boob. Similar to a "feed due" feeling. This feeling has continued and is in both boobs but mainly the right. It also aches and v v v occ I feel a sharp pain.

I gave a mid pm feed yday so back to four. Still feeling this odd pain. Boob is not red, lumpy and seems normal. I've had blocked ducts/engorgement before but this seems bit different. No pain during the feed.

We both have the sniffles a bit but think it's just a cold.

Wondered if it might be mastitis or boobs adjusting to one less feed.

Would be grateful to hear your thoughts!!

sc2987 Sat 25-Jun-11 14:47:18

Could be thrush? Not linked to feeding less though as far as I know.

SilverSky Tue 28-Jun-11 20:18:50

Bizarrely enough it's stopped! So either my boobs are gonna drop off or they were adjusting to the change in demand/supply. Clearly I'm banking on it being the latter.

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